Fifteen Minutes of Fun 11/14 & 15

Excuse me, but if you see any spare mojo lying around…please send it back. I believe mine is lost! At least that’s what today felt like as I yawned and stretched my way through the day. I got up this morning tired and just never kicked the habit all day. So, I did what any red-blooded quilter would do when you feel you can’t move…hand applique! I’m working on my project for the Holiday Lane Blog Hop and I really, really, really tried to give fusible applique a chance, I did. I fused my pieces, cut them out, put them on and…hated them! Really hated them! So much so that I took them off the next morning and started hand appliqueing. You know there are at least two things in life that everyone says are easy but I epic fail at. The first, and I kid you not, is growing zucchini. Yes, the vegetable they warn you against planting too many of. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s my soil or what but we got about five zucs from two plants.

The second is fusible applique. I don’t know, I see those wonderful patterns but the idea of flat applique just leaves me, well, flat. I love the bulding up of the piece that the seam allowance gives and the way it raises the details just slightly up to meet your eye. (My mind was toying with a push-up bra analogy but that just shows how tired I am so I’ll spare you!)
Anyway, all that to say that I got very little done the last two days. I worked on my Jamestown with more little blocks but forgot to photo them and I did the snow on a rooftop but I’m not showing my Holiday Lane until it’s done. So, no photos + one tired brain = the end of the evening! I’m off to an early bed so I can spring back fresh and feisty tomorrow!
Happy quilting.

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