Fifteen Minutes of Late Night Fun 11/8/12

First, let me say that I’m doing the happy dance this morning because my internet speed upgrade has apparently already taken effect and my internet connection is buzzing along quite nicely, thank you! That it’s faster is one of those lovely little things that happen at times. I was paying the bills and couldn’t find the phone bill so I checked on-line to see what our billing cycle was. The first thing I saw on my provider’s home page was an offer for internet and phone for $30 a month less than I was paying! So, I called them up and asked them to review my service and the net effect is that my speed went from 1.5 to 20 and my rate dropped thirty dollars a month! With everything else going up and up in price, it was pretty exciting to have a bill go down!
So, yesterday I did behave myself and go to Costco instead of the sewing room but I got back in time to sew for an hour before school got out and then had sewing time again last night. My dear cousin came by and I got to enjoy good company while I sewed. So, just what did I do?
I got the second of the baby quilt tops finished.

Baby Quilt 2.0

I used the leftovers from the two baby quilts to make a third one. This is just the center and I’m adding a green inner border and the print as the outer border. I guess my twins just became triplets!

Version 3.0, center only

I also made a few more string pieced blocks (11 to be exact…not in just 15 minutes, though.)

I’m also very excited to say that I finished picking out the fabrics for my Bonnie Hunter 2012 Mystery Quilt. They aren’t very similar to Bonnie’s colors but I’m trying very hard to work within what I have already so I choose pink, blue, pale lavender, and green along with black and white. I thought I was all set for black and whites because we did a black and white exchange at our tea but half of those were black with white and I’m not sure I want to break up that set. I have my eye on blending those fat quarters with the set of reds we exchanged for a “black and white and red all over” quilt. On the other hand, I already have more fabric than I may be able to use in my lifetime so maybe I should just bite the bullet (or should I say “cut the fat quarters!”)
Here’s a look at my colors.

My mystery fabrics

2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Late Night Fun 11/8/12

  1. Those should work fine Beth. Advice from one more mystery-er who hasn’t a clue where we are going 🙂 I’d think about changing the constant though, if those pieces lie next to background it might not be a sharp enough contrast?

    Looking forward to the first clue, Sharyn

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