“A Wreath of Snow” Will Help You Get in the Holiday Spirit!

School teacher Meg Campbell has had just about as much time at home as she can stomach. With her brother’s hurtful words still ringing in her ears, she boards a Christmas Eve train to return home early. Gazing out the window, she watches the snow coating her beloved town of Stirling in 1894.
Gordon Shaw sits across the aisle wondering if the woman beside him could possibly be the girl he once saw at the scene of a tragedy. A tragedy he alone was responsible for. If he can just keep his eyes down and get through this train trip unnoticed, he can leave his past behind again. The question is…is that really what he wants. When a snow drift halts the train both Meg and Gordon begin a lovely lesson in forgiveness.
“A Wreath of Snow” by Liz Curtiss Higgs takes the reader on a journey to the Scotland of 1894 and examines the toll that bitterness takes on a family and the cost of guilt for a lonely man. The story is well-told and nicely paced. The historical details are lovely, although I did catch one item that stood out as potentially inaccurate but wasn’t critical to plot and makes no difference to the story.
If you’re looking for a little something to bring out the holiday mood or you just like engaging historical fiction, give “A Wreath of Snow” a try. I think you’ll like it.

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