Fifteen Minutes of Fun 11/5/12

I’m not entirely sure where I was yesterday but it sure didn’t feel like November in the Pacific Northwest. Skies were beautiful, the temps were warm and the kids got to play outside after homework…yay! I couldn’t resist a picture of this beautiful tree near the school where I pick the kids up. Even more exciting than the weather, for me, is that I feel like I’m finally feeling better and I got some sewing done! I spent the day with a pair of young friends so nothing during the day but last night I string pieced a few more blocks (and cut a few more strings) for my Jamestown Landing.

Then I spent an episode of “Person of Interest” putting together blocks I’d already cut for a baby quilt. If only I had a Ducks fan having a baby, this would be perfect! I got all the way to the inner borders before a glance at the clock told me I ought to stop and get to bed..

This one is completely made from stuff in the stash and was my first experience getting to “shop” my new bookcase full of mini bolts. I need to pick up one more thing of comic book backer boards and clean out four squares of my IKEA Expedite and I’ll be ready to bolt up the rest of the fabrics that will fit. No, my whole stash wont fit on the bookcase but it’s a start! I’ll post pictures when it is finished and all pretty. My younger daughter is going to organize it by color when we’re done bolting. I love it, it’s like having a quilt shop in my sewing room! As I was going through fabrics, these adorable faces just jumped out at me and said they had sat around in the dark long enough!

Aren’t they cute? So I found the green and yellow to mix up with them and I’m thinking of a red binding. Now the real question is that I’ll have 26 inches of this fabric left over after cutting two quilts and I’m trying to decide how to mix this up to make a third one. I’ll keep you posted. Now that the fabrics are on bolts, finishing off the contents of a bolt makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something…now if I can just stay out of the quilt shops! (I know, I’m kidding myself…let me have my illusions.)
By the way, my brilliant husband was able to fix the glitches I’ve been having with my photos uploading from the phone to the laptop. This should make posting much easy and there should be more to post now that I feel like I’ve got my mojo back.
Happy quilting and happy Election Day!

2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 11/5/12

  1. Why not use the extra fabric for a pillowcase to go with the quilt? Could be used for gift giving or storage, too.

  2. Oh, that’s a great idea! I’ll have to think on that one!

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