More Tricks Than Treats….10/31/12

Ok, I’m officially frustrated as this is the THIRD time I’ve written this post! Each time some wrong key gets hit and POOF! there goes my draft! And, just like Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail” I want to yell because I was pithy and witty and now all you’ll get is the no-frills version! The last few days have been a bit of a slow-go. I made all my sixteen patches and started in on 8 patches. I had a nice pile going when I realized that I had read the directions wrong and, no, it did NOT say to sew all the rest of them together! Oh well, that’s what seam rippers were made for. We’ve been doing all the Halloween fun here this week and so I’ll just let the photos tell the rest of the story (quickly before I hit whatever key that is again!)

The remaining 16-fers


The extra large pile of 8-fers.

The first few paper foundations


Sweets and Treats fat quarters from our tea…my favorite kind of treats are all 100% cotton or chocolate!

One Homecoming Queen for Halloween

And, finally, a ghostly good-night…

Happy quilting and Happy Halloween,






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