Fifteen Minutes of Fun, SP1 Reveal and 100 Day Hustle Update 10/23/12

Well, as I said in my Wicked post, I seem to have misplaced a couple of days last week but now I have the fun of revealing a couple of projects and updating my 100 Day Hustle List.  Here’s the original list…

1. Put together my kaleidoscope blocks and send them to Fabric Engineer (where I won quilting!)  DONE
2. Finish the Eagle Quilt.  DONE
3. Surprise Quilt #1 – obviously I can’t say more…it’s a surprise! DONE
4. Baby quilt #1 DONE, SENT and RECEIVED!
5. Baby quilt #2
6. Baby quilt #3 (these are gifts so I’ll show them after I send them.)
7. Quilt for my great-niece who missed having a baby quilt because she was born too close to my miscarriage and I wasn’t up to it. (looking for a free 6″ paper pieced bird block…anyone?)
8. Vase pot holder for my mom…I’ll explain later.
9. Memorial quilt (for a dear friend who lost a son.)
10.1st Tardis Quilt
11. Yellow Fish
12. Jamestown Landing (to flimsy stage)  IN PROGRESS
13. Three shirts for my husband (the fabrics recently came to light while we were rolling bolts!)
14. Three snap happy wallets. DONE (plus one extra because that’s how the cutting worked out!)
15. Wicked Blog Hop wall hanging FLIMSY

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my progress and now I get to show some of them to you.   First, here’s SP1.  For my daughter’s 21st birthday present I decided to make her the t-shirt quilt I’ve been planning with her high school t-shirts.  I was planning a standard setup with lattice and cornerstones but she had way too many shirts so I ended up setting it like this

Sarah’s T-Shirt Quilt

It turned out fairly large (about for a double sized bed) but I figure it can just drape nicely over her college bed in the meantime.   I was able to use seventeen of her t-shirts from high school by using a random set instead of uniform blocks but I still have an entire box of shirts left!

Baby quilt one was just received and opened yesterday so I get to show it here.  This is for a friend of Sarah’s who is married and having her first baby.  Her husband is in the military so they are out-of-state and so her mother has invited us over for a Skype baby shower…isn’t that a great idea?  When this young lady was married, her colors were red and white so I made a red and white pinwheel quilt.  Some of the reds in this quilt are actually left from the wedding quilt

Baby Quilt #1

The Kaleidoscope quilt is already with Amanda at Fabric Engineer for quilting.  You can actually see a peek at it on her blog…it looks fabulous!  Such a star treatment for a UFO from the 80’s!

As for Jamestown Landing (my 15 minutes at a time project) all of my two-fers have become four-fers!  Ok, there is a picture but it’s on my phone and my phone wont display the photo when I attach it to the computer.  I’ve actually added the photo to the post on my phone but it doesn’t show here so….who knows what this post will actually look like!  Just trust me that I have a lovely stack of four-fers now being sewn into sets of two and four.

I read this somewhere years ago, “All my quilts are 80% cotton, 20% cat hair!”

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun, SP1 Reveal and 100 Day Hustle Update 10/23/12

  1. Love all the quilts and it is so true about the % content of quilts.

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