Fifteen Minutes of Fun and a Froggy Tale 10/15/12

I’m not sure what it is about our cat, Griffie, but he sure has a strange bunch of friends for a cat! We were heading out the door tonight and my younger daughter spotted Griffie sitting next to a new friend. A small green friend. Well, not small for a frog, more like large and very still. My younger daughter, who normally is all over picking up frogs, was intimidated by the size of this guy. With a little help from the neighbor we were able to get Mr. Froggie moving in the direction of the nearest hedge. I’d been hearing a very croakie serenade outside my window for the last few days and it was kind of fun to see my songster up close (but not too close!) I don’t know if I dare to wonder who Griffie will befriend next. (I draw the line at slitherers!)

So, one the quilting front, I got several steps further on SP1. I also had a landmark day on my Jamestown Landing…I sewed the last few two-fers together and pressed a small mountain of pairs!

I also got a label on a baby quilt I meant to send last week but tomorrow is errand day so boxes will be hitting the post office. And, after it’s received and opened, I can share a photo of it, too.

In the meantime, happy quilting and may any frogs at your door turn out to be handsome princes!

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun and a Froggy Tale 10/15/12

  1. You could go with orange or green. Both would look great on this cute quilt. I would go with orange so not to take away from the applique. Thank you for sharing with us.

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