Fifteen Minutes of Fun and More Bridge Time – 10/14/12

Ok, I know we talked about the bridge reopening yesterday but it’s a big, big deal here in Oregon City! Without the old bridge, there is only the freeway bridge to get across the Willamette. Having the bridge out meant that traffic was much heavier and, for me personally, there’s just not much charm in crossing the freeway bridge! I know it drives some people crazy but I love having to stop on one side of the arch to let a bus come across that narrow span. The bridge was originally opened in 1922 so vehicles were a lot narrower! Today was the last day of the three-day celebration and our Girl Scout troop volunteered at some fun events. Apparently, when the bridge opened in 1922, there was a wedding between a West Linn girl and an Oregon City boy. (West Linn is on the other side of the bridge and Oregon City/West Linn proudly boast the oldest cross-town rivalry west of the Mississippi.) The article I read estimated that 10,000 people watched that wedding on the bridge so they made a renewal of wedding vows part of the reopening. Over 55 couples renewed their vows on the bridge and our Girl Scout troop helped to escort the couples on and off the bridge. My younger daughter told me she thought it was fun to watch until all those people kissed…in her words, “Gross!”
After that, we paraded across the bridge with several other troops and went back to work at the reception hosted by our local Elks Lodge.
With church this morning and five hours downtown, there wasn’t a ton of quilting time. I did get my fifteen minutes in and added to the kite string from yesterday.

Piles of unpressed “two-fers”

I’m really excited to be getting to the bottom of the bag. There’s just a generous handful in there now and I’m hoping to stitch those up tomorrow.

The nearly-empty bag!

I got a little work done on SP1 this evening, too, until Griffie came and settled in the middle of my work space. Tomorrow is an SP1 intensive day and, with any luck, I’ll be able to show it here on Saturday night or Sunday. In the meantime, here’s a shot of our bridge from up at the top of the bluff near the elevator. You can just see some of the people walking along the bridge.

Well, that’s all for me for tonight. Happy quilting!

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