Fifteen Minutes of Fun 10/11/12 (isn’t that a cute date?)

Today I hustled back from getting kids to school and played/worked on SP1 the most of the morning. I did pause to empty the dishwasher and do some laundry but priorities, people, priorities! Of course, I can’t tell you much about SP1 except that I’m very excited about it (and that you’ll see it in about 10 days!)

I did get some Jamestown work down (2 sessions actually.) I pressed, and pressed and pressed the big kite tail of pieces I had sewn and I finally got a seam ripper all the way to the downstairs sewing machine. Of course, once I had it down there, I found the other one in the pocket of my jeans from last night….lucky that it had the cap on or that could really hurt! Here are the results of my first 15 minute pressing session.

A pile of freshly pressed two-fers

Then I took my pile of four-patches and my seam ripper out to the front porch so I could release the seams and watch the kids at the same time. They’ve been playing store/village in the front yard and the neighbor keeps bringing over his camp chairs which Griffie assumes are for his benefit.

Griffie taking up residence in one of the “stores”

Oh, and I took this photo on my walk to school just to share the beautiful colors. The street next to us got much prettier trees than we did but I delight in this tree every year.

Isn’t that lovely color? Ok, I’m getting off track here so back to the sewing. I got my blocks pinwheeled and pressed and added this little stack to the four-patch pile.
Then, because I’m so not good at delayed gratification, I just HAD to make this one block of the next step. Isn’t it cute?

The first block!
Well, I am really done in tonight, so I am taking my cat and heading up to bed. Tomorrow is a “kids all day” day and we’re heading to a movie so SP1 probably wont make any progress until evening. Until then, Happy Quilting!

2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 10/11/12 (isn’t that a cute date?)

  1. So exciting to see the first block! Very cool.

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