A Little Catching Up


Ok, I promised a little catching up this morning and here it is!  It’s been a busy week (mostly with quilting!) and a few errands. Up top is a shot of the growing pile of two-fers and four-patches kite string that I’ve been piling up.  I keep meaning to bring a seam ripper downstairs and even had one in my hand last night but, no, it’s still upstairs…does that ever happen to you?

I’ve been having a great time hopping around the blogosphere this week on the “Leafs Me Happy” Blog Hop.  I found some great sites and fun blocks so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.   I loved Apple Avenue and she has some great free block patterns for Fall.  Check her blog out at http://appleavenuequilts.blogspot.com/  Another blog led me over to Artisania which has the most adorable paper pieced Featherweight pattern and some very cute Halloween patterns for free http://artisania.wordpress.com/free-patterns/.  Then, as if I need another new project, there is an adorable Bird House Quilt Along at Debbie Kratovil Quilts http://debbykratovilquilts.blogspot.com/.

And, speaking of blog hops, the Wicked Blog Hop is coming and my day is October 22nd.  I’ll have a new project to share and a give away so stay tuned.

Now, as promised, my funny, fiber-related story.  I’m not sure about you, but I notice a lot of details.  Little things that other people sometimes miss.  Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bit awkward.  This was one of the awkward ones.  The other day I was walking into our local mall on a quick errand and two young ladies (in their twenties but to me, that’s young) were walking ahead of me.  Do you ever see something and think, “Wait, what’s wrong with this picture?”  The young lady in front of me was wearing a black shirt, black leggings and black boots.  Now, first let me clarify that this young lady had an enviable figure so this is not a comment on her figure.  She was however, slightly more endowed in the derrierre region.  Not in a bad way but, hmmm..how to say this, if most of us were a B cup in that region, she was a D cup.  The thing that drew my eye, though, was a significant color change in the fabric of the leggings.  It took me a moment to compute that the fabric was stretching so much more in that area that it was a shade lighter in a band across the back!  After another surreptitious glance, I realized that there must have been a complete lack of undergarments or what my friend calls “why bothers” and what I was seeing was, well, a new moon rising if you will.  Just another reason why we should bring sewing education back to schools or teach girls to use their “rearview mirrors.”

Well, that’s my funny story, as promised.  Now I’m off to work on SP1.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say later!

Happy quilting!

3 responses to “A Little Catching Up

  1. Oh MY! Or as we ‘genteel’ southern ladies like to say, “Bless her heart!” LOL! Great story. And thanks for sharing the blogs, too!! I was familiar with Apple Avenue and love her free patterns, but the other two were new to me!! 🙂

    • I remember hearing comedian once say that “Bless your heart” was Southern for “Well aren’t you an idiot!” Not sure how true that is. I’m so glad you like the blogs!

  2. Oh, my, my, my. ‘Use a rearview mirror’ is so true! It just reminds me that I recently taught a lesson about modesty to a group of teenage girls at church and told them ‘Leggings are NOT pants.’ And that quote came from young men!

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