Fifteen Minutes of Fun 10/9/12

Today was just one of those odd mornings.  First, my younger daughter couldn’t find her clarinet. I knew she’d most likely left it at school so I told her I’d drive her over to look after I walked the younger ones to school.  On the way to school a young man not with me wiped out on his skateboard.  Of course we stopped to help.  The poor kid had hurt his hand and his cell phone wasn’t working so he used mine to call home and another mom walked him home.  After driving my daughter to school and finding the clarinet safe and sound in her locker, I decided I might as well head to DEQ. After that I needed to kill time before my next stop opened.  My last stop was across town so, all in all, it was nearly noon before I returned to the bat cave (aka the sewing room.)

I spent the next couple of hours working on SP1( special project #1 – by the way, do you know where the number sign is on swipe?  Now I do!) Of course, I can’t show you my progress but I am documenting my progress for a tutorial later. Just know that it’s looking good!
On my Jamestown today, I pushed nor pairs of squares through to make two-fers.  


I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t sew more four patches together except that I’m getting pretty excited to see that really full bag of squares getting emptied out… take a look


Remember when I finished my squares and it was stuffed full?
Well, that’s all the news I can share from the bat cave today.  Remind me tomorrow ( when I’m not swiping) to share a funny textile related story from today.
Happy quilting!

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