Fifteen Minutes of Fun 10/8/12

The very best thing about being sick is that wonderful feeling when you realize “Hey, I actually feel pretty good today!”  That was my day today.  I got up this morning with a ton of sewing room “to-do’s” and an unfortunate need for groceries.  I tried to figure out some way of making dinner and snack without leaving the house but none of the options seemed very appealing and they certainly didn’t work with hosting the Girl Scout meeting here tonight.  So, off to grocery I went where I managed to find a pair of jeans in the “Take an additional 70%” off area.  Of course, they need to be hemmed but I’ve got that down to a 1/2-hour or less job now so I don’t mind.  I did work on a project today but you’ll have to wait on the details.  A certain girl is having a big birthday soon (21) and since she reads my blog…no details until later!

I did keep my pressing appointment with my Jamestown which resulted in this lovely little stack of “two-fers”


Tomorrow is errand day and I’m getting my list ready.  I’m trying to economize by limiting my driving (gas costs are cutting into my fabric money!) and lumping all my errands into one or two days a week.  It’s almost impossible for me to do one day as I tend to run out of fruit and milk about midweek and my fridge just isn’t big enough to keep four or five gallons of milk at a time along with rest of the food.  It’s not so bad now with only seven daycare kids and just serving one snack in the afternoon but when I was serving three meals a day to 10 kids in the summer…wow, did we ever go through fruit, milk and bread!

So, I’ve been blog hopping on the Leafs Me Happy Hop and there are so many beautiful Fall quilts and blocks!  It’s not too late to look it up.  And, speaking of blog hops, the Wicked Blog Hop is coming and I’m on day one which is October 22nd.  Be sure to check back as I’ll be sharing a small quilt and hosting a giveaway.

So, it’s already after ten and my earliest boys arrive at 6:20 am so I’m off to bed.  Happy quilting!


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