Fifteen Minutes of Fun 10/7/12

Ok, first let me apologize for being a bit whiny lately.  Colds do that to me but now, as evidenced by the rasp in my throat, I am officially on the mend!  It’s a weird thing but when I get sick I usually lose my voice as the first sign that I’m getting better.  (By the way, I saw a shirt one day that said…”I before e except after c…weird?) The only drawback to my backwards approach is that by the time you start feeling better, people are overly solicitous because you sound so bad!  I always feel like saying, “Wait, where was this sympathy three days ago when I needed it?”  But I digress…

So, yesterday, I didn’t work on anything because I spent the whole day at Women of Faith and was wiped out when I got home. I have to admit that this year’s Women of Faith may have been my least favorite (except that the company was still great!)  Their new format just seems too “scripted” and instead of Women of Faith it’s sort of like going to “The Women of Faith Show.”   I’d say it was just my congested little self except for the rest of the group seemed to agree.

Anyway, today was a better, albeit raspier, day and I spent some quality time with the featherweight pushing pairs of squares through and watching carefully to make sure I still had bobbin thread!  I don’t know why that machine can creep up on me with the bobbin when the others can’t but there I’ll be five, six, eight pairs later and no bobbin!  So, here are my lovelies for tonight, they have a pressing engagement for tomorrow.


Tomorrow is also Girl Scouts and the meeting is at my house so there will be some cleaning on the horizon.  Luckily, the downstairs doesn’t look too bad (thanks Flylady) and the third floor is on my list.  As for the rest of tonight, I’m seriously contemplating a long, warm bath with lots and lots of bubbles.  Although some quality time with the Bernina twins upstairs sounds really good, too.

Oh, and speaking of shirts, (yes, I spoke of one earlier – go back and look) I saw this adorable shirt while I was coat shopping with my daughter.  I don’t know if you can see it well but it says, “Nerdy Ninja” and has math equations…I love this!



Well, that’s it from me tonight.  My bathtub calls and my Berninas call…have I mentioned it’s getting pretty loud over here?

Happy quilting!


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