“Darkness Rising” is a Supernatural Thrill Ride

Truly the only reservation I have of “Darkness Rising”  is that I wish I’d read the first one first.  Starting with book two in any series can leave you feeling like you came into the play on the second act but Lis Wiehl and Pete Nelson do a nice job of weaving background into the story without a ton of flashback or boring narrative.

Something evil is at work in East Salem and main characters Dani Harris, a forensic psychiatrist, and Tommy Gunderson, former NFL player, are the only ones who seem to sense it.  The suspicious death of an elderly woman and the arrival of a dark and menacing antique painting at a local school seem to be linked, but how?  An angel named Charlie and a storytelling Native American add depth and intrigue while certain evil spirits are bound to bring a few chills.  (Warning, if you’re of a nightmare-prone type, you may want to only read this is daylight.)

I thought this was a fun book for high school grades and up.  The evil characters might be a bit strong for middle graders but the story moves well, contains a few surprises and keeps the reader turning pages.   It may not be a literary classic, but it does have me waiting for the sequel!

This book was provided to me for this review by the publisher through the BookSneeze program.

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