Fifteen Minutes of Fun, a Finish and a Film -10/2/12

Today was a run-around errand day but I still managed to sneak in a little sewing time.  I made eleven more batik blocks bringing my total up to 64 of 90.


I tried matching up some more four-patches but I had too many of the same color so I rooted around in the bottom of the bag and sewed together some two-patches to press and sew tomorrow.


I did mange to find some cat-free time with the baby quilt and the binding is done!  Actually, I guess technically it’s not totally finished because I still have the label to do.  If I can get this in the mail tomorrow, I’ll show a photo next week. The last time I showed someone’s gift because I was sure they never read my blog, I got a call from my mom saying, “I read your blog and I love my quilt and when will it get here?”  I really prefer that my friends get to see their quilt in person the first time.  I guess it’s a little like sending them on a blind date when you send them as a surprise.  You know that these two should get along well but you’re still afraid of rejection


Tonight, my husband and I took our younger daughter to a movie she really wanted to see, “Wont Back Down.”  I thought it was a terrific film and it had me in tears remembering the battles I had in our own school district.  You see, I acquired my second daughter by a very circuitous route when she was already school age.  At the age she was, our state does an “adoptability” study to establish if a kid is even going to be able to form a new bond. Well, I got to sneak a peak at that study and they said that my daughter had a borderline low IQ.  I was sure they were wrong.  This was a kid who often made observations about people and their behavior that were very astute for her age.  I asked the school to test.  I told them I thought the findings were wrong.  I got told that I needed to adjust to the idea that my second daughter wasn’t as smart as my first one. I worked outside the box.  I got the pediatrician to order a neuro workup which diagnosed her as having a language disorder.  I went back to the school which did nothing.  I did intervention work at home.  Finally, I found out that the school had failed to comply with the Child Find Law which requires them to test if  parent requests it.  I guess my threat to call an attorney finally swayed them.  Once I got the idea across that she was a bright kid with a memory problem, things got mostly better.  We still did lots of intervention at home.  Like with spelling, instead of doing the list once as practice, we practiced everyday.  Every day she had a pre-test.  Any words that were right, she didn’t have to write.  Wrong words got written three times each.  Spelling grades went up.  We did the same with math, math grades went up.  She began to learn how to focus and how to learn.

Today, the kid they tried to tell me had a low IQ came home and told me that she has the highest grade in her math class, in fact, the highest grade in all the classes her math teacher teaches.  (Don’t worry, our school uses ID numbers, not names, on these lists.)  So, yes, the movie hit home and made me cry but it also made me quite proud.  I could have taken their word for my daughter’s capabilities and not helped her learn but I knew she was smart all along…sometimes, we just need someone to help us become who we already are inside.

So, I apologize for the soapbox but, if you get the chance, check out the movie.  Or, wait until it’s on video and work on a quilt while you watch!

Happy quilting!


2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun, a Finish and a Film -10/2/12

  1. You rock as a mom!!! I wish the parents of my students were so pro-active in pursuing what is right for their child!!! Don’t ever back down because the school will always take the easiest, cheapest way out!

  2. Thanks, Susan! It wasn’t always easy but she’s doing so great!

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