Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/30/12

Today was a post- migraine hangover day so I didn’t make much of a dent in my ” want to get done” list.  I did manage to cross one item off my 100 Day Hustle list by finishing these four snap bags.  There were supposed to be three but the cutting just worked out so how could I resist? These little wallets are like potato chips, you can’t just make one!


I was also able to finish the pinwheel blocks for another project on the list.


I ran a few more pairs of squares through the featherweight


And pinwheeled and pressed this little stack of four- patch blocks. 

On a completely different note, today I randomly mentioned to my husband that his phone had an available upgrade and not two hours later his phone completely died and couldn’t be resuscitated by tech support.  I’ve had to promise not to make comments like that anymore!
Now it’s off to bed before I get sidetracked and wind up getting to bed at midnight again!
‘ til tomorrow… happy quilting!

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