Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/29/12

Today was an interesting day.  It started well with a trip to the Oregon History Museum but when we left the museum I must have walked through an invisible headache cloud because I was hit with a migraine!  That pretty much sidelined the major portion of the afternoon but, three meds later, I did rally and get a little sewing done.
First, I finished the block of the month for September for the Carol Doak group.  This is free so you really should think of joining, even if all you do for now is collect the patterns!


I really, really love this block and it is not as hard as it looks!   I did learn my lesson quickly, though, and basted the major intersections before sewing them.  By the way, can we start lobbying for swipe, quilters edition?   I don’t want to count how many tries before I gave up and tapped out basted!

For my Jamestown today I opened seams and pressed little blocks which gave me another little stack like this


Lastly, I put together a few four- inch pinwheel blocks for a project on my hundred day hustle list.  Tomorrow should have a bit more quilt time and I’m hoping to get a lot more done than today.
Until then… happy quilting!

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