Fifteen Minutes of Fun, a Flimsy and Eagle Photo 9/26/12

Can I just say again that I LOVE Fall? The clear crisp air, the leaves scuttling like crabs down the street, the cool nights and the hours while the kids are in school! Today I quilted away and finished the kaleidoscope quilt that Amanda at Fabric Engineer is going to quilt for me. This is truly one of my oldest UFO’s. I tried to find a date on one of the selvages but couldn’t but this has to be one from the 80’s. I took this as a class in Southern California long before my daughter was on her way and never got it done. It sat in a plastic bin in the fabric storage area for years until I was deciding which UFO could really shine with all-over quilting. I put on corner triangles, squared it up and sewed it together. Then I added a wide black border that I’m going to scallop later. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it!

Now, with all that focus on one quilt, I did not forget my Jamestown Landing. This morning I pressed (and pressed and pressed) the two-patches I made last night. Now I have this lovely pile with lots of variety to start piecing four-patches with!

I tried to take a photo of the Eagle Quilt this morning. I thought, “No problem, I’ll just clamp it on the clothesline and that will work.” No, the quilt was way too long for my little clothesline. Instead, I waited until I could shanghai one of my parents when they picked up their child and my younger daughter had to stand on a stool and we still didn’t quite get it off the ground. At least this gives you a better idea than the photo I took last night.
 Either I need to make smaller quilts or we’re going to have to figure out some pulley system from the roof!  I’ll try to catch some close-ups tomorrow…by then it will be safely laid out on the bed.  At least, that’s were it will be until the next quilter’s tea when I can take it and celebrate my finish with the girls!

Happy quilting!


5 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun, a Flimsy and Eagle Photo 9/26/12

  1. Your kaleidoscope quilt and your eagle quilt fabulous!!! Two great finishes!

  2. Spectacular!

  3. Spectacular!

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