Fifteen Minutes of Fun, a Finish, and Fabric Yummys 9-25-12

Well, I said I would share the rest of the fabric yummys and I am but I didn’t expect to be unable to show my other photos…sometimes the technology just doesn’t like me!  So, photos from today will, hopefully be up tomorrow but, in the meantime, here are my recent fabric indulgences.


These three pillow cases I found at the local thrift store.  They were all made of good quilt-shop quality fabric and I snatched them up at $4 for all three.  My estimate is that there is at least a yard of fabric in each one.  That’s about as far as thrifty got me!


These are the fabulous Rosie the Quilter panels from Bayside Quilting in Olympia.  I can’t wait to put on my thinking cap and come up with a quilt for these!


This was my younger daughter’s pick….I’m thinking she better get them right into her own fabric container, don’t you?  I wouldn’t want them to get mixed up with mine…cough, cough!

So, those are all the photos I can share but not all the news…the Eagle Quilt has landed!  Today I finished quilting the outside feather border, cut and sewed a binding and hand stitched it down in the back.  Yes, it does need a label but it’s getting its first test-sleep tonight!  I had wondered if my husband had noticed what I was working on but, as I suspected, he had forgotten all about the quilt.  That’s the inevitable consequence of taking more than a decade to finish something! (Maybe I should have held onto it and given it to him for this birthday this year!)

So, that’s one finish off my 100 day list.  I need to check when we are linking up our posts for our check-ins.  On my other projects, I moved the batik block count from 19 to 39 today.  It sure is faster sewing those four-inch blocks into four patches than it was making them!  My Jamestown is at the point where I’m sewing sets of triangle square units together into quartets.  It’s easier for me to piece them going a certain direction then match them to another set later so today I just focused on sewing pairs together.

So, that’s it from one tired but happy quilter.  I’m off to sleep under the stars on the eagle quilt and will hang it on the line tomorrow for a  decent photo…weather premitting!

Good night and happy quilting!


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