Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/24/12 and Fabric Yummys

Today was a red-letter day…I finished the entire XXX number of triangle squares (remember, if you want the numbers, you’ll have to get the book!)  Here they all are in their plastic baggie.


The next step includes making them into units of four and, frankly, I’ve found I prefer sewing blocks with a diagonal line together from the bulky end where the seams meet first.  Mary Ellen Hopkins assured me years ago that I get to do what works for me so I did!  Here’s my second 15 minutes of the day (another red-letter factor) and the four patches that are waiting to be pressed.


Speaking of four patches, I’m now in the process of taking my little four-inch batik blocks and making them into 8″ blocks like these.  There will be a total of 90 in the quilt so I made 10 today and added them to the 9 already made.  If I can make 10 blocks a day, I should have the blocks all made by next week sometime…more if I get obsessed which, I admit, I do sometimes!

Speaking of obsessed, I’ve been working on the eagle quilt today and I’m proud to say that all four eagles have landed!  I’ve quilted the spine of the last feather border around all four sides and have feathered 1/2 of 1.5 sides of the quilt.  Yes, it’s not a quick process and I often think my feathers look more like fingers but still, I doubt my husband will complain!


Now, this is truly weird.  I uploaded several fabric photos to show you but only one came through.  It’s late so I’ll just tell you about this one and save the rest for tomorrow.  First, you have to promise not to spill because I’ve done a bit more “retail therapy” than I really should have lately.  Most of it was at Bayside Quilting in Olympia on Saturday.  My daughter found this terrific anatomy fabric and, the irresistible kicker, it glows in the dark!  Just perfect after Sarah’s summer of packing an entire year of anatomy into 9 weeks!  Reliable sources tell me it’s accurate, too!


Oh, and did I mention that we saw a coyote running down the street when we came home Saturday night?  Now any candidate for crazy cat lady status like myself will understand why that had me walking around the block at 10:30 pm tonight calling my cat.  Thank goodness that four of the six are indoor only and the one that still isn’t home tonight is probably the toughest one.  Still, I’ll sleep a lot better if her royal highness decides to come home from the kitty ball before midnight!

In the meantime, I’ll get ready for bed and then call her again….and  again…and again, most likely.  It’s a lovely, warm night and my two kitty siblings love evenings out like this!

Happy quilting!


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