Fifteen Minutes of Fun – 9/21/12 (And My Life as a Ping Pong Ball)

Today was all about errands and appointments.  I had to get the van to DEQ today and I didn’t have any morning kids to walk to school so my younger daughter loaded the dog (all 106 pounds of him) into the big 15-passenger van.  It always feels a little odd to fire up that big beast with only two of us in it!  I dropped my daughter at school, stopped by the atm (very funny when you’re way too high in your vehicle), and headed to DEQ.  Halfway there, I realized that they might not appreciate having 106 pounds of dog in my van when they were checking it for emissions.  I could have turned around and gone home but I decided to go forward and throw myself on their mercy if necessary.  The lovely man with the British accent assured me the dog was fine when I arrived and we passed DEQ with flying colors.  Well, the van did, at least.   As we were sitting there, I suddenly caught a whiff of that very distinct doggie gas smell.  Thank goodness they weren’t checking Nick for dangerous fumes!

After that, we went and made a payment at a different bank, went to the grocery store, came home and unpacked the groceries and had breakfast. Less than an hour later, I was off to the dentist where they told me to floss less agressively…apparently I was flossing at an angle that was creating a crease in my gums!  They also told me that one of my fillings needs re-doing and it’s one of the color-match fillings.  At least I have a slight reprieve on that as they can’t schedule me back in until the end of October!

After the dentist, it was off to the credit union to pull out the cost of the 1/4-beef that hubby is buying.   I don’t eat beef but the rest of the family does and we had a great opportunity to buy grass-fed, hormone-free beef for a really reasonable price.  Even though I’m not eating it, I’m happy that the rest of the crew is eating a better quality of meat.  Then we went back to the original bank and put the money in from the credit union.  After that, there was a brief foray into the Goodwill where I found a couple of sweatshirts and three pillow cases made of nice quilting fabric.  A total of $4 for what should come out to be about three yards of fabric…not bad!

After that, it was home to pick up my kids.  We arrived back at the house to a surprise visit from my USDA lady (they have to surprise us three times a year).  After my youngest got home from school, we were off to the vet with Jack, her cat, who is having a little eye issue.  On our way to the vet, we stopped at the bank again to deposit a check that had arrived in the afternoon mail…I think that’s my person record for trips to one bank in a day!  At the vet’s office, we got to play with adorable 4-week old kittens that will be adoptable in two weeks.  (No, I’m sorry, we have six already!)

Then we dropped off the gf pizza crust at the Papa Murphy’s, ran home to get kids to their parents, picked up the pizza, picked up my friend Donna at the mall and came home.  It was 9 pm before I managed to get in my Jamestown Landing time but I am now officially only needing 77 more squares!  I’m not likely to finish tomorrow as I am headed to Seattle to see King Tut at the Pacific Science Center.  So, that’s my ping-pong ball imitation day…here’s to less of that and more of this


Happy Quilting!


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