Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/20/12 and The Eagle is Landing!

So, famous last words… I’m pretty sure I swore I wasn’t going to over match the brown thread the same way I did the purples on the eagle quilt. Yes, you can laugh now… here’s the first eagle wing with free- form feathers… that you can’t quite see.


Just to prove that they are there, here’s a shot of the back.


Oh well, I’ll know that they are there and the final blue border will have brown feathers that will show…I hope.

So enough about my feather woes. I had an amazing time at the quilt expo today. I always say that most quilt shows really only have three categories… how, wow, and why. This show was all how and wow… the closest we came to a why was a bright blue fabric in a sepia looking piece and I assumed there was an artistic reason for that! Seriously, just the raffle quilts in the lobby practically warranted a special mention let alone the work inside. I even won a door prizes… an umbrella, a very cute one.
Then I rushed home to pick up the kiddos from school and off after work for haircuts at the beauty school.
In the midst of all that, I managed to finish this little stack of squares for the Jamestown quilt.

Tomorrow, I should be able to get to less than a hundred to make… and it’s only been one month today. By the way, I meant to be quite witty and pithy in this post but I’m reduced to swiping it again so you’ll have to settle for utilitarian writing… serviceable, but not elegant. Sorry.
Also, unless the techno gremlins are dogging my heels, I’ll be linking up to the Free Motion Quilting Project. If you haven’t seen her machine quilting, take a peek.. she’s fabulous!

Happy quilting!

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