“The Girl in the Glass” is Everything a Novel Should Be…and More!

It’s not often that I really want to fawn over a book but Susan Meissner’s “The Girl in the Glass” is one piece of fabulous fiction!   Main character Meg has hankered after Florence ever since she was a little girl listening to her grandmother tell stories of her home.  Year after year, she waited for her father to fulfill his promise to take her, just one of many promises he hasn’t kept. A series of unforeseeable events find Meg in Florence alone where she meets Sophia.  Sophia is a tour guide who hears the voice of long dead Nora Orsini speaking to her from the great works of Florence.  Their time together will provide a catalyst for changes neither one could foresee.


This book plays out like a piece of beautifully written music.  There are almost no false notes, no discordant melodies…just a beautiful flow of prose that will transport the reader to another place and time.  This is a book about renaissance, not just the time period but the actual concept and what can happen when a human chooses to experience a renaissance in their own life.  One word of warning, you may need to start saving for a trip to Florence after reading this!

This book was provided to me by WaterBrook Press for this review through their Blogging for Books program.



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