Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/15/12 (and photos from yesterday…I hope!)

So yesterday I had a little shower of tears, a bit of irrational thinking and was inhaling chocolate like air…can anyone say PMS? Today is much better and, more importantly, I figured out how to put my photos from my phone to my laptop so hopefully I can upload all my photos without further incident.

So, let’s start with the missing photo from the day before yesterday. Here are Thursday’s Jamestown Landing squares.

Now, on to yesterday’s fun. Here’s my friend, Donna, holding the baby quilt she made and I quilted for her. We had a great time visiting and getting the quilt quilted and bound. I love hanging out with friends and finishing a quilt at the same time!

Shoot!  I think I forgot to save the change when I rotated the photo, you’ll have to turn your head to see Donna’s lovely smile! I made a stack of batik blocks, too,
These blocks brought me up to 335 done out of 360. Then I finished these blocks for my Jamestown Landing.

Today I spent most of the morning working in the yard with my husband and the girls. We have just a little trim work to paint before rain sets in here in the Pacific Northwest but before we could paint the lattice beneath the porch, we had to weed the flower beds first. Well, it’s probably pretentious to even call them flower beds as they were mostly filled with grass and weeds. The ground was so dry that it was a major challenge but we got the weeds pulled and the trim pressure washed without any of us collapsing of heat exhaustion.
Most of the rest of my sewing time today, I spent working on a very old (think 80’s) kaleidoscope that I’ve decided to finish. Why? I can understand why you’d ask, after all, it’s been sitting around since before I had DD1. Well, the truth of the story is that I won machine quilting of a quilt from Fabric Engineer in the recent blog hop. Now, everyone who knows me well just cracked up at that because I’m kind of a control freak with my projects. In an odd way, I’m really excited to see what happens when someone else works on my quilt. The problem was, that I had a choice of some really lovely types of fill stitching and most of the tops I had ready needed several different types of quilting. Then I remembered this project. It has a lovely, almost crazy-quilt feel to it and the design is perfect for an all over design. I’m planning to get out tomorrow and pick up some variegated thread to send with it and I can’t wait to see it done! (Of course, I have to decide on a border first…piano key is rolling around in my brain as an option, somebody stop me, please!)

Speaking of thread, I ran out of bobbin thread while sewing my fifteen minutes on my Jamestown today. I don’t know why but, when I sew on the featherweight, I never seem to notice that the bobbin is out until I’ve run five to ten blocks through with no thread. After winding my bobbin, there wasn’t much thread left so I decided I could probably run myself out of thread if I didn’t stop to press my blocks. (I usually stop at the 6 minute mark to press and trim.) It didn’t work out quite the way I thought. I ran myself out of light triangles and time before I ran out of thread so I starting running batik blocks through thinking one or two of them would finish the spool off. Well, I ended up sewing the small triangles to more than 18 blocks and finishing one block before that thread ran out! I’ve never quite understood why, but every time I finish a spool of thread, I feel like I must be so productive! So, here are the “kites” I sewed with that last bit of thread.

A pile of kites and an empty spool!

While I’d love to say I’ve got tomorrow to finish the batik blocks and the kaleidoscope, there will be trim painting and even a novice painter like myself needs to pitch in. (But I really, really hope I’ll be able to finish the batik squares tomorrow!)
Happy quilting!

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