Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/14/12 (and technical difficulties)

Well, the gremlins are in my phone again and they’ve eaten my update and will not send it to the computer.  Hmmph!  There was some fun stuff today, too!  I’ll just have to tell you about it and show you photos tomorrow (no, you can’t call me Scarlett.)

So, day two of having some time alone and I kicked off the celebration with breakfast with friends.  After a lovely time, I headed over to pick up my friend Donna.  We toddled off to the Pine Needle Quilt Shop in Lake Oswego for their open house and I, with admirable restraint, bought four “chubbies”  (9×11″) pieces for the remaining Cat in a Pumpkin blocks.  They were a whopping 44 cents each.  I also grabbed a fat quarter of orange batik because I believe that the best way to bring  a missing something to the surface is to replace it. You’d be surprised how often it works.

Then Donna and I came back to the house and I quilted the baby quilt that should be pictured here (if there’s a quilt in this spot when you read this, you’ll know I manage to evict the gremlims…if not, send help!)

Earlier this afternoon, I finished another stack of batik blocks and, at close of day, I am just 25 blocks away from being done piecing these blocks!  Woo hoo! Of course, next I have to piece all 360 of them together but, please, just let me bask for a moment.

For my Jamestown Landing, I pieced more squares from triangles.  Not very exciting perhaps but every day I watch the bag of squares get bigger which means I’m closer to the next step!

Well, it’s already 11:35 and I’m exhausted!  Too many late nights this week have taken their toll and I’m ready for bed.

Good night, and happy quilting!


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