“Insignificant” is Like a Strong Cup of Coffee for the Spirit

Have you ever had those mornings where you wanted to pull the covers back over your head because your work seems unimportant and boring? Times when you wonder if what you do really matters? .If so, then Chris Travis’ “Insignificant, Why You Matter in the Surprising Way God is Changing the World” is better than a cup of strong coffee to help get you back in the groove. Chris is no stranger to feeling like his work was a waste of effort. His stories of working as a teacher in one of the most violent schools in New York will both inspire and encourage you. (And, possibly make you re-think how bad your job really is!)
It’s easy in the day-to-day sameness of a job or childrearing to feel like your efforts aren’t counting for anything. Chris Travis gives us a shot in the arm of encouragement and advice that, while it will not change the job, may change your heart.
I’d recommend “Insignificant” for high school and older readers. It’s a good reminder that, whether you are running a corporation or a household, everything we do has significance and eternal value.

This book was provided to me for this review by Bethany House.

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