Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/14/12

Today was party day at my house…well, or more accurately, party of one day!  Today was the first day that all the kids, my own and my borrowed ones had school all day.  And, honestly, I was one happy camper!  (Not that I don’t enjoy the kids but hours of sewing time… what could be better?)  So, what exactly did I accomplish today.  I cut a few pieces of fabric into strips and tossed them in the appropriate bins.  I rolled about ten more larger pieces of fabrics on mini-bolts and filled a cube in the Expedite.  I cut a few more blue triangles from a 2.5″ strip I happened to find.  Mostly, I worked on the machine quilting on this quilt…right up until the time Zoe made it impossible to proceed. I mean, really, could you disturb this?


I made a bunch of the 1/2 blocks for my batik blocks but no finished blocks to show and my Jamestown Landing squares didn’t upload so I’ll try to add them to the next post.  I also searched fruitlessly for a piece of orange fabric that has gone MIA.  Do you suppose it’s in hiding?  I think if someone were after me with a rotary cutter, I’d be in hiding.

On the mouse front, I went to check Mr. Mouse this morning and his shoebox (still secured with the rubber band) was empty and a deceased mouse graced the front lawn.  Now, I’m not sure if they were one and the same mouse but I buried the mouse with full honors just in case although I will cherish the thought that perhaps Mr. Mouse revived enough to climb out and run home.  Somewhat like Peter Rabbit but without the wonderful drawings.

So, it’s after 11…again…but I don’t have any kids until 7 am tomorrow so I can sleep in just a bit.

Good night and happy quilting!


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