Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/12/12

The first thing I thought I’d be writing tonight was a requiem for a mouse.  When I checked my little friend this morning, he was immobile and unresponsive.  In a word, deceased.  My younger daughter asked that we give him the dignity of a burial instead of, well, disposing of him, and so I left the box for later when I wasn’t accompanied by three first graders.  This evening, I went to arrange for a final resting place in the yard and when I opened the box, he twitched!  I moved in a little closer and he moved again.  I gave the box a gentle shake and he moved, eyes open and scurried to the corner.   Good Heavens, playing possum nearly got this little guy buried alive!  In addition to being alive, he’s obviously been eating well if the marks on the cracker are any indicator and the presence of little mousey poops indicate that his bodily functions are working.  Next question, who do I know that would like to have a mouse? (homes with snakes need not apply!)  We added more fruit to the box and bid Mr. Mouse goodnight.  I’ll figure out what to do with him if he’s still in the box tomorrow.  In the meantime, during snacks, etc., today, I managed to make these batik blocks.


Then while dinner was cooking I finished up this pile.  The total of blocks finished is now above 300!  Woo hoo! (See, I really did have to stop calling it Quilt Without End.)


This evening, after Mr. Mouse’s amazing revitalization, I spent some time upstairs watching “The Voice” with the younger daughter.  I multitasked and cut more blues for my Jamestown.  Also, I found 23 squares today that I had put together and forgotten to add to the index card in the bag that I keep a  tally of my total on.  It was like winning the triangle-square lottery!


Then, since I was upstairs anyway, I put together the next Cat in a Pumpkin block.  (Remember, you can get this block free on  I added a second orange and made the cat in brown to represent my little Winnie Poo (the one who posed as the Princess and the Pea in an earlier post.)


Now, can I just say I’m so excited about tomorrow?  All my kids will finally be in school and I have blocked out a “just for me” day!  After I walk the kids to school and my daughter to the bus, I’m going to come home and hole up in the sewing room until it’s time to pick the kids back up.  Well, except that I have to go the grocery store, and reboot the laundry, and put some laundry away and….well, you get the idea which is mainly I am going to sew tomorrow!

Of course, I’ll probably sew better on some sleep so goodnight all!

Happy quilting!

Beth  (Oh, and book reviews…expect a set of book reviews tomorrow!)

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/12/12

  1. Have a funday Beth. Love the kitty on the pumpkin.

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