Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/11/12 ( and a mouse tale)

First let me say that before I get on to the story of my day, I’d like to take a moment to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.  Especially those firefighters, police officers and emergency responders who rushed in to help.  Today I saw two women standing at a corner dressed in red and purple sparkly clothing and waving a “Remember our fallen heroes” flag.  No other signs, just remember.  I think that their’s was the epitome of what I’d like to say.  Just remember so that those who grieve do not do so alone.

Now, it just so happened that I saw that sign on my way to the fabric store to look for the perfect TARDIS blue fabric (if you are a Doctor Who fan, you’ll get it…if not, go to netflix start the season one of the new series.  Seriously, go!)  One of my “fabulous firsties” was out of school today so we did a few of the more entertaining errands.  The fabric store and Bob’s Red Mill, just enough to fit into our window of time without being rushed.  I didn’t actually get started on my Jamestown until just after dinner today.  So, here’s what today’s foray into Jamestown looked like.


And here’s today’s progress on what I’ll have to stop calling Quilt Without End because the end, albeit distantly, is in sight!


Now to the mouse tale.  First, have I mentioned that I have six cats?  Yes, you’re right, candidate for crazy cat lady here.  Well, two of my cats are indoor/outdoor despite my personal misgivings about it and the two of them are a hunting/gathering team.  No, seriously, I’ve seen one cat bring a bird home and the other one bring it to the porch.  They’re siblings so maybe it’s family…I don’t know.  I do know that they’ve been busy lately. We had a baby bat in the lawn  on Friday and a dead mouse (very small one) yesterday.   The body count seems to be rising much to my dismay.

Today, I went to take DD2 to a babysitting job and Griffie was sitting in the driveway.  Considering that Grif is sometimes reluctant to move for me, I thought it best to pick him up to move him and when I bent down to pick him up I looked past him and a mouse was sitting beside him!  I jumped back, sent my daughter searching for a box then, at her suggestion, handed my great black and white hunter to her to put in the house.

I succeeded in getting Mr. Mouse to get into a rubbermaid bin and snapped a picture before putting him in the thick undergrowth of the hedge where I thought he’d be safe.


About an hour later, I looked out back to see that the same mouse was jumping around near Griffie AGAIN!  And  squeaking at him, I kid you not!  I once more grabbed whatever was handy and scooped the mouse up.  This time what was handy happened to be the spare dog dish.  I was not unaware of the irony, I assure you. My new furry friend was quite happy in the dish and seemed in no hurry to depart but also didn’t seem terribly injured.

After wandering around the yard a bit, I decided to put him in a shoebox with some better accommodations for the night but no way was I bringing a loose mouse in a dish in the house.  I had visions of him making a break for it which, in retrospect would have delighted the indoor cats but horrified both me and the mouse!  So, I called on my husband to come outside and hold my platter of “Mouse du Jour” while I fixed up a box.  A bit of dryer lint, some tissue paper, a couple of small wedges of apple and a cracker got tossed in the box along with a couple of handfuls of grass.  Add a rubber band to the box and, voila, a convelescent mouse hospital.  As of bedtime tonight, Mr. Mouse has nibbled some apple and I tucked the dryer lint over him where he has huddled himself in a corner. The box has excellent escape holes in the sides should he recover himself enough to get out which, I must admit, I’m hoping he does because, well, I’m going to feel pretty silly tomorrow if I have to wander around looking for a mouse hole to put him in!

In the meantime, it’s to bed with me.  I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night and that darn 5:15 never gets any later!

Happy quilting,


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  1. Beth, I tried to reply to your question on my blog, but you are a “no-reply” blogger.

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