Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/10/12

The first day of school is finally upon us, well, for most of my kids.  Our school stagger-starts the first grade to do assessment testing so today I had two first graders all day, tomorrow there is one and Wednesday I have all three.  Thursday will be my official first “Yipee, the kids are in school!” day.  Boy, do I ever have plans!  However, two was nice today and I got to squeeze in some sewing while they colored or took turns on my piano.  (The timer is a godsend when sharing things like  a piano!)  So, I got quite a lot of cutting done on the batik quilt yesterday and now I’m down to cutting about 15 pieces total and, drumroll please…I officially only have 99 blocks left to do as of today.  Can I hear a round of “99 blocks to sew, then I’m done, 99 blocks to sew…” Ok, I wont torture you with more, I know the song will be stuck in your head for hours as it is.  Here are today’s little batik beauties.


The Jamestown continues with triangles turning into squares.  The picture I couldn’t upload yesterday included the light color in this shot as strips waiting to be cut.  Here it is cut and sewn along with the Hawaiian print I like so much.


Tonight is “Foodball” at my brother’s house so the dear husband (DH in Flylady talk) was gone and DD2 and I had quilting evening.  I made the first of six “Cat in a Pumpkin” blocks from the Carol Doak site.  The pattern is free and finishes at 3″.  You can download it at  Not great color on that photo, the green is nice and bright in real life!  I’m planning to do one block for each of our cats, DD2’s cat, Jack, was the first one.  He has a little ginger on his tail and ears and I haven’t decided if I’m going to embellish this guy.


Speaking of pets, we have Max, a full-sized standard poodle friend of ours staying for a couple of nights.  Max is a lovely overnight guest as he always brings his own bed.  Stanley, our eldest cat, is not an ideal host, however.  He’s been known to kick Max off his bed and once decided to express his displeasure at having Max over in a most ungentlemanly way.  So, we either put the dog bed out of our room or, as my husband thought up, just put it on the bed when we’re not in the room.  My DD2 called me downstairs at bedtime (my sewing room is on the third floor) to see Winnie doing her impression of “The Princess and the Pea.”  I couldn’t get this to crop so just ignore the pile of laundry on the chair by the bed!  If you came to my house to visit, this is still probably as close as you’d get to Winnie aka Pooza.  We like to call her the imaginary cat as almost no one outside the immediate family ever sees her.  In fact, when we were in London, we stayed down the road from a veterinary hospital that had a couple of animal signs on its van.  One day as we walked past, I remarked to my mom, “I just can’t get over how much the cat on the picture looks like Winnie.”  My mom, perfectly deadpan and without hesitation replied, “I wouldn’t know, dear, I have never seen Winnie!”  So consider yourself lucky to have experienced a rare Pooza sighting, even if it is a virtual one!

Good night, from me and the Pooza, too!

Happy quilting,



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