Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/9/12

The gremlins are at it again and I can only upload two out of my three photos.  So I’ll just tell you about the first one instead.  I spent the first available 15 minutes today cutting more blues and neutrals including a favorite tan with navy blue anchors on it and a blue Hawaiian print.  There does, I assure you, exist a photo of my nice little stack of triangles but the gremlins have decided you don’t need to see it (and, yes, I’ve tried turning it off and on! lol – for you IT Crowd fans.)

I had glorious plans for an almost full-day of quilting but, as I like to say “The best laid plans of mice and moms…”  We had some last-minute shopping to do, a pair of shoes to exchange, a Groupon for produce to use, etc.  Errands went pretty smoothly and I hoped to get some sewing time in when DD2 (Dear or Darling Daughter in Flylady speak) mentioned that her vision was suddenly blurry.  We both have migraines so my first thought was optical migraine.  I had us make a quick exit from the mall headed for home and Tylenol.  Sure enough, as soon as the visual disturbance stopped, the headache pain came.  We got her home but she ended up vomiting several times before her system settled down enough to let her sleep the headache off.  Like any mom, I can’t really go too far away when my chicklets are sick so I stayed downstairs while she slept and cut batiks for her quilt.  Not only did I cut them but I counted all my small triangles for that project to see how many I needed.  Now each bag is counted and labeled with how many pieces more are needed.  I’m very excited to be up in the 230’s on the blocks.  Only about 120 left to go!


The headache passed, food stayed down, we watched the latest Doctor Who and, before closing up shop for the night, I took another 15 minutes to sew a small stack of triangles together.


I particularly enjoyed putting the anchor triangles together with the Hawaiian fabric as the tune “Anchors Away” played in my brain.  My old choir used to do a salute to veterans and so I know all the words to all the military fight songs.  (Or I used to, I haven’t sung some of them in a while!)

So, have you been hopping around the country in the Moda Bakeshop Blog Hop?  If not, check out Moda’s page and find the link.  Three or four of their designers each day are showing us around their home town and sharing a fun quilt or block made from 2.5″ squares and most have a drawing to win some very fun fabrics.

So, grab your desk chair and let’s all tour the country.  Some of their photos are very inspiring!

Well, I am very worn out tonight and tomorrow has early kids at 6:20 in the morning so it’s off to bed for me. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  Look for two book reviews to post, possibly three, and hopefully a stack of batik blocks!

Happy quilting!

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