Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/8/12 ( another late night edition!)

Tonight was another late night edition of my “Fifteen Minutes of Fun.”  We had dinner guests, my husband’s boss and his wife (two of the sweetest people ever and, no, they don’t read my blog)  and my brother and a friend.  So, my day was spent cleaning and cooking and doing all the things you do when you want to make people feel welcome.  The good news is that the house is in pretty good shape and I got the front porch cleaned.  Now I just have to tackle all the weeding!

Since I didn’t start sewing until about 11 pm, I just spent the time pressing and trimming last night’s kite tail.  Once they were pressed however, I succumbed to my need for instant gratification (yes, you knew I would cave, didn’t you?) and made one of the next unit for the Jamestown Landing.


I truly did mean to wait until all the squares were made before I went on to anything else but it was just soooooo tempting!  And, you can tell by my hips that withstanding temptation is not always my strong suit!  So, here’s the first of what will be many, many pieced units.  Underneath that is a picture of Griffie playing the suave, debonair host on our front porch.  I believe he has mistaken the new welcome mat from IKEA for a new cat bed!  Good night and Happy Quilting!



One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/8/12 ( another late night edition!)

  1. One down, a zillion to go…nothing like seeing one done to make you want to make more. Happy Sewing.

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