Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/7/12

First thing this morning I started slipping a few Quilt Without End pieces from yesterday through the machine.  I hadn’t counted the triangle units last night so imagine my delight when they added to fifty- one!  That puts me over the two hundred thirty mark, I’m starting to see myself closer to the end than the beginning… woo hoo!


I managed a fifteen minute session running triangles through the machine while my kids were having a marathon Lego session.  At one point there was a one- armed Lego sheriff and a monkey chef cooking gluten- free in my kitchen, don’t you love kids’ imaginations? 
Here’s my pile of ” kite tails”


Tonight we went to IKEA to buy a couple of bath mats and, frankly just for the joy of walking through the demo rooms.  I love the order of everything in the rooms, it gives me hope that someday I’ll get myself organized to that point.  I’ve often thought I’d like to bring a book and just settle into one of my favorite rooms for an hour or so.  So, when I saw this young couple sound asleep on a sofa, I couldn’t resist sneaking a photo.


So, it’s off to sleep with me, too, soon but I think I’d prefer the privacy of my own room ( even if it’s not show room ready!)
Happy quilting!

2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/7/12

  1. It is so exciting when persistence pays off. Even after decades of stitching, I find I learn good stuff making quilts! I’m eager to see your next step although I love what you’ve accomplished so far.
    [I wish there was an Ikea near us!]

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