Fifteen Minutes of Fun (x3) 9/5/12

Just when I think I’ve mastered some small portion of technology, I hit a snag like today.  Once again, photos I email from my phone drift aimlessly in cyberspace and fail to land in my inbox.  And so I am reduced once more to composing using the dreaded swipe feature. Have you ever noticed exactly how diverse the offerings are for words that should be straightforward?   I sometimes find myself laughing as I imagine how much trouble one wrong swipe could cause… now there’s a plot for a romantic comedy for you!

So, enough about my techie ineptitudes (a word my phone valiantly fought again pluralizing, by the way.)  On to the sewing portion of this post.  Today I was able to slip in three fifteen minute sessions.  The first was cutting, now that I’m mailing off the fat quarters for my winner, I can cut mine up with a clean concious.  So, here they are, morphed into a lovely stack of triangles.



Later, I was able to chain piece a batch of triangles while the kids ate lunch then pressed them at the end of the day.

Speaking of the end of the day, here’s Griffie unwinding after a long day of being adored.


If only we could all relax so thoroughly!  Now, it’s nearly bedtime but I want to sneak in a few minutes of machine quilting.  Hubby is dozing with the game on and I’m off up the stairs to spend a little quality time with my Bernina.  Don’t mention that to the Featherweight, she’s a little jealous!
Happy quilting!

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun (x3) 9/5/12

  1. That looks like one tired Pudddy Tat.

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