Fifteen Minutes of Fun ( and some terror) 9/4/12

I thought it might be fun to show a close-up of some of the disparate blues I’m finding in my scrap bag.  Every once in a while I look at one (particularly the gray/blue one) and think, “Are these even going to work together?”  Then I think of Roberta Horton who was quoted as saying something to the effect that a scrap quilt needs some ugly blocks or the pretty ones will not show up as well.  And, of course, there is Bonnie Hunter’s saying, “If it’s still ugly, you haven’t cut it small enough!”  Worse case scenario, I can always size some of these down and use them in another project!


I managed to slip in three 15-minute segments today (one broken into five-minute intervals)  and was able to crank out a sizeable stack of triangles which I’m excited to add to the total (92 to be exact but I’m not excited or anything!)


Now on to the 15 minutes of terror.  This morning, one of my kids I watch tried to reach down and fix the chain on his bike while he was riding it.  Unfortunately, the bike slipped forward and his finger was caught in between the spoke and the sprocket.  Really, really caught.  I tried using a wrench to release the back wheel and couldn’t get it to budge.  My young friend was very brave but understandably in a LOT of pain.  I sent a kid to my neighbor and had him bring bolt cutters.  We cut the chain to free the trapped finger and one glance indicated that a trip to the doctor was immediately in order.  I was so grateful that all seven of my children I had (including one of my own) were terrific about following every instruction I gave them from “Get me a clean towel” to “Get in the van as quick as you can.”  Luckily, the outcome was no broken bones, just a few stitches and an estimated ten days in a splint and it should be good as new.  Whew!

I also got a bit more quilting done on the current machine quilting project of DH’s 50th Birthday Quilt.  As soon as I find some brown Aurofil, I’ll be able to quilt the eagles and, while I’m finding the thread, I’ll figure out what in the world I’m doing in the borders.  Maybe I’ll post a picture and see what you all think?  In the meantime, may your fingers stay far away from hazards and all your stitches be straight!

Happy Quilting!

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