Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/2/12


Well, here’s what I have to show for myself today… another stack of triangle squares that pushes my total over the 300 mark with many, many left to go! This is what I’m loving about this challenge for myself, though, is seeing how fifteen minute segments really do add up! Tomorrow is another cutting day as I’ve used up nearly every triangle I had cut. My other accomplishment today was this


Gluten- free chicken pot pie! The recipe takes a while but the result is worth it. Unfortunately, a migraine is attempting to steal my joy tonight so I’m heading upstairs with a migraine pill for an early bedtime. Until tomorrow, Happy Quilting!

2 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 9/2/12

  1. Hello you entered my giveaway and did not leave a email and I wanted to comment back to your message. You said you have a lot of UFO’s have you ever thought about selling them on Etsy and getting others to finish what you started? Good luck in my giveaway.

  2. I enjoy following your 15 minutes of fun progress. It gives me hope on how to try one of Bonnie Hunters patterns someday.I am also interested in your pot pie recipe…gluten free these days and trying to find recipes that are tested and found worthy.

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