Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-30-12 (And a Finish!)

Today was busy in my little quilting corner of the world. My younger daughter is still down with a cold, in that awful stage where she’s sick enough that you want her to rest but she wants to be doing something. The net effect for me is that we’re all around the house most of the day which frees me up to sneak in a little piecing.
First thing this morning, I started a stack of World Without End blocks. By piecing the first triangles to squares while I was waiting for the kids to arrive, then piecing another piece at snack, sneaking in a few pieces while they played outside…pretty soon, 23 new blocks joined the bag. I think I’m in the 180’s now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit 200…then it’s only 160 to go!I’m planning to check the stash and find any other batiks lurking. This quilt is going to need reinforcements.

And, speaking the stash, the girls jumped back into folding/rolling – and an additional 76 bolts hit the shelves today. I feel incredibly blessed to have my own little quilt shop taking shape in my sewing area. Just looking at the shelves of fabric makes me happy. Here a peek at today’s “new” bolts.

I did get my fifteen minutes in on my Jamestown Landing. More triangle sets became squares today. There’s a lot to go but I’ve passed the 200 mark and I’m impressed. I didn’t think that I’d get so far so fast just focusing on fifteen minute increments. It’s only been less than two weeks since I started this and I’m beginning to believe that I’ll finish it (not today, mind you.) Here are today’s triangles, I’m really loving all the scrappy blues. Notice that I snuck a strip of batik out of the WWE quilt pile.

On a different note, I just need a “proud mom” moment. My daughter is also working on her Girl Scout badge in quilting and so today she whipped this up,  starting at about 2 pm today. It was her first experience with piecing diagonals together and I am so impressed!

Pretty good, isn’t it?  She wanted to know if I could quilt it for her tonight but I was busy finishing the scallops and binding on a quilt for a good friend.  This is a quilt her daughter picked the fabrics for, she pieced and I quilted it.  A group project.  The pattern is Summer Winds from the Pine Needle in Lake Oswego. I bought the pattern years ago primarily because it had a full-sized guide for the scallops! 

Not the best shot of it but it’s late and my friend needed to get home.  It will take two people (and one has to be taller than I am) to get a good shot of this one.  So, now it’s eleven and I’m full of “finish” energy but I’m going to go upstairs and force myself to sleep.  How? you might ask.  Well, first there’s my very comfy fuzzy robe and then there’s my super snuggly Gizmo who purrs on my neck.  Add those to a gently snoring husband and I expect to be out like a light but dreaming about my next finish and raring to go in the morning!

Happy Quilting and good night!


3 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-30-12 (And a Finish!)

  1. Good Job and congradulations to your dd, she did an awesome job. You go gir and keep up the good work….l.

  2. Great quilting progress.
    I have most of my fabrics on shelves (like books)–I was amazed at how much more fabric could be stored on bookshelves than in boxes–and just looking at it is inspiring!
    Good for your daughter for accomplishing her first pieced top. My daughter has no interest in piecing, but says if I bought a long arm, she’d quilt. (She’s tried and seems a natural.) However, she needs a car first!

    • Thanks, Dora, I was so excited to see what she did…she’s only 13 which is six years younger than I started quilting and my first tops, well, let’s say they didn’t look like that! I was looking at your feathered plume tutorial and I just happen to have a Garden Twist from years ago that needs quilting. Perfect thing to practice those plumes on. You’ve inspired me to get the treadle out when the kids go back to school. It’s in my living room and I can open it up and use it while watching them play after school. Wouldn’t our great-grandmothers laugh at the sight of me with my treadle with my laptop open beside it for the tutorials? Best wishes, Beth Strand Writer, Quilter, Mother, Cat Concierge “Quilting is merely a socially acceptable obsessive compulsive disorder!” Check out my blog at

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