Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-29-12 (and Another Red Letter Day)

Today was a special day at our house. My younger daughter registered for middle school. Yes, with the exception of my daycare kids, my years of elementary school are over. I had a fun day planned. I took the day off so my daughter wouldn’t have the whole group trailing along with her as she registered, posed for pictures and found her locker but, as it often happens when we plan, she was sick. She’d come down with a nasty cold on Sunday so instead of going out for our girl day after registration, we went to the doctor. Ah well, it was a bonus to have her be able to rest on the couch and I was able to get some quilting done! I’m now just three borders away from finishing my friend’s quilt and I’m hoping to get that part done tonight. Then it’s scallop the borders and make the binding. If all goes well, this quilt may go home by Friday! I did manage to get my fifteen minutes in on my Jamestown Landing today. After dinner and before the dishes, which seems like having your priorities right to me.

I used my fifteen minutes to make more squares from the triangles I’ve cut the last two days. I’m starting to see the variety increase as I find little pieces of blue in my scrap bins. Here are the squares from today.

Each individual group doesn’t always look like much but the bag is starting to look fuller and I’m thinking I need to find a small box to keep them in so that they’ll lay flatter.

I love seeing all these blocks starting to add up and I’m really impatient to start putting them together into the next units but I’m going to hold off so I can get more variety in my scrap sets. Maybe when I get all the triangles I have cut all sewn up I can indulge in a few larger units!

Well, I’m off to do the dishes and then go upstairs and try to finish those three borders. Until tomorrow, Happy Quilting!

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-29-12 (and Another Red Letter Day)

  1. Congradulation to your dd and good luck on this new fork in the road for her.

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