Fifteen Minutes of Fun – 8/28/12

Today was something I haven’t had in a while…a productive quilting day! We were staying around the house today because my younger daughter came home with a cold yesterday and tomorrow is registration so it is rest, fluids, more rest and more fluids for her! Without the running here and there that usually comprises my day in the summer, I was able to work a bit on the World Without End blocks. I’m now up to a whopping 146 out of 360. I’m still not quite sure how I went from, “Oh, I’ll have enough to do three” to “Oops, I need more than 200 more of these!” I’ve added a couple of new colors so I’m not sewing together anymore four-block units until I’ve got all 360 pieced so I can avoid duplicates in blocks.

My daughter has been working on making charity quilts with the kids as part of her Girl Scout Silver Award and one of the kids has been wild to finish his top. Today I helped him get the top together and pick borders and another one of my kids is working on a Girl Scout Quilting Badge (courtesy of the council in, I think, Arizona.) She designed her layout using 1/2-square triangles that she made last week and sewed her first four squares together. The block was fabulous and, as more experienced quilters know, matching diagonal lines in blocks is not always the easiest when you’re starting.

Another project I’ve been working on is pulling some of my larger fabric pieces (1-2 yards and up) and wrapping them on mini-bolts to display in my Expedite bookcases. My fabric storage has a system, mostly, but it required that I crawl into a cubby on the third floor to access it. Even thought the fabric was sorted in drawers by color, I found myself going out and buying instead of shopping the stash. So, now I’m going to have my own little “fabric store” where I can browse the shelves and get inspired but not have to hide the bags!

The girls got really into this project and we wrapped about 60 mini-bolts today. They were so excited that they would have done more but that finished off the first 100 comic book backers that I bought. Guess what’s on my list to pick up tomorrow? The process of pulling the larger pieces brought several small blues and neutrals to the top of the stack so today I cut more blues. There might have been more if I hadn’t made two cutting errors and three lovely strips ended up in the bag for the piano key border instead of as triangles. Tomorrow I have the day off to take my youngest to middle school registration so I’ll be able to squeeze in a little more time. If I can, I’ll get a photo of the mini-bolts. They’re not as pretty and even as the ones on “That Girl, That Quilt” but I’m talking about some pieces five and six yards here! One great thing about seeing a hundred of my fabrics wrapped and shelved was seeing how much beautiful stuff I have to work with. Occasionally, I wonder if my stash is getting to look dated (I’ve quilted for about 30 years and collected fabric even longer.) Seeing all these fabric spread out made me certain that my choices in fabric have aged better than I have!

I’ve only gotten to the “F” section on the blog hop so I’m going to hop through a couple of sites before retreating to my sewing room to quilt. My odds of getting my friend’s quilt done by the end of the week are dwindling but, like I said in my last post, optimism is one of my failings!

Happy quilting!

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun – 8/28/12

  1. One of the best things I did was put much of my fabric on shelves like books. (The downside is that I haven’t yet come to grips with how much fabric I have–mostly because 30+ years ago, it was so rare to find 100% cotton that I truly over-bought!) Also on the upside is the pleasure of seeing them on the shelves and rejoicing in the beauty of the fabrics I haven’t yet used.

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