Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-27-12 and Does This Ever Happen to You?

First, let me say that my email’s been hacked once this week and now I’m in fear for my gmail account from my phone.  I’ve emailed myself the photos from this post twice and they haven’t come in on the computer yet.  I’m going to try powering off the phone and powering it back on (a la the IT Crowd “Have you tried turning it off and on?”)  If that doesn’t work, I’ll add photos in a separate post from the phone. 

So, today I spent my fifteen minutes on Jamestown Landing cutting.  Another nice little stack of blues and neutrals.  I’m getting excited about the way this project is using up small pieces that were hanging out in the sewing room. So nice for them to have a purpose in life.  I’m sure fabric might become delinquent if left on its own too long!

It was a quiet day at my house so I actually got a good little bit of quilting time in.  I mostly worked on the World Without End (aka Quilt Without End) blocks and made four more of the four-block sets.  Now, I’ve been saying that I was afraid I had so much cut out already that I’d be making three quilts…well, I’ve been guilty of worse things than optimism.   Turns out, according to my trusty EQ software that I will need 90 of the four-block sets or, wait for it…360 four-inch pieced blocks to make this twin sized quilt.  That being said, I was feeling pretty complacent with the nice pile of four-inch blocks by the Featherweight…until I counted them.  108.  Yep, that’s it.  A mere 242 more to go!  Well, I decided to head to the LQS because they  were holding a copy of the tuffet pattern for me and, since I had a lot more cutting to do, pick up a couple more batiks.  1/3 yard of one, 1/2 of another and a yard of pink batik as my “birthday fabric.”  The last few years I’ve bought a yard of something for myself for my birthday and it’s pink more often than not. 

My younger daughter came home from a sleepover with a cold/crud remarkably similar to what I had so fI need to get her off to bed and, after I post the photos from my phone and try logging into gmail, I’m off to get a few minutes in quilting on my friend’s quilt. 

So, look for photos as soon as I win my technology battle and Happy Quilting!


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