Fifteen Minutes of Fun (x3) 8-26-12

Well, I finally did it!  I’ve been saying almost every day that I might get a second or third opportunity to work on my Jamestown Landing and today, I did!  (You’ll have to imagine the happy dance.)  The first fifteen minutes I spent just piecing my triangles into squares. Usually, I stop at about 5 minutes remaining to do the press and trim but this time I just kept sewing.  Here’s a shot of my featherweight festooned in the first batch of squares.

Later, while the oven heated, I pieced for another 15 minutes and the pile of “kite tails” grew to this.

After the dinner dishes, I pressed and trimmed while I caught up with my mom on the phone for a few minutes and the total result was this.

78 new squares which more than doubles what I had made already!  Tomorrow is going to have to be a cutting day because I’ve used up most of my triangles.  One of the other projects I’m working on is winding my larger yardages onto mini bolts and that’s been bringing several neutral and blue smaller pieces to the top of the flotsam and jetsam of my sewing room.  I’ve decided to start doing some serious cutting up of the small pieces in accordance with Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Users System.  I’ve been quilting for 30 years now and it’s time to bring the stash into a state where I can enjoy how it looks and make it usable! 

By the way, I’m having such fun with the Blog Hop.  Be sure you leave a comment on my giveaway post.  My request is that to enter you leave a comment on what project you’d like to do just for yourself.  I’m having such fun reading the comments and seeing what other people are thinking of…the only problem is that I’m getting inspired to start new things just reading the comments.  My brain says, “Oh yeah, I want to make a (fill in the blank with whatever someone just commented), too!”  I’ve got to rein myself in and finish some UFO’s before I start too much more.  I’ve got a friend’s quilt that I’m quilting right now that should be finished before the end of the week if all goes well.  The cooler weather helps as the third floor is lovely when it’s cool out!

Well, the cat is prowling and wanting me to head for bed so goodnight all.

Happy quilting!

One response to “Fifteen Minutes of Fun (x3) 8-26-12

  1. Beth,

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for your comment on my Personal Victory post (I would have emailed you back, but I noticed that you were a no-reply blogger). I really appreciate your encouragement, and I hope you feel encouraged as you work on your own health goals. If I can do it, so can you!!

    Have a wonderful week!

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