Fifteen Minutes of Fun 8-25-12 (And a Link to the Giveaway Post)

Today was one of those bittersweet days. My oldest returned to college today to live in her first campus apartment after two years of dorm life. Now, I know that there are moms out there who have kids living across the country or across the world and the hour away is really not much. It’s more just missing the “everydayness” of living under the same roof. On the other hand, it’s so exciting to see her with a great roommate, with their place all decorated and starting this next adventure. (Of course, she’ll be home in a semester to live at home during nursing school so that eases the pain a bit, too!) I did manage to get my fifteen minutes in this morning while I baked gluten-free scones for her to take with her. Now that I’ve cut more neutral triangles, I sewed another 25 squares together which brings my total to 76 (there was one in the machine when I stopped the other day.) Which again makes me think, “Hmmmm…25 squares in 15 minutes. What could I do in an hour, 2 hours, a whole day?!” However, my life doesn’t loan itself to whole days of sewing at the moment but school is coming and my children (both my own and daycare) will be in school for six hours a day. I’m thinking quilting marathons!
In the meantime, here’s a peak at the squares I did today.

Also, as I keep adding my progress, I’m worried about my giveaway post getting pushed too far down the screen so here’s a link to that post. I need to get blog hopping myself, this seems like it will be great fun!
Happy Quilting!

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