Two for You and Two for Me! (a giveaway!)


Since my Jamestown Landing project has gotten my mind planted in the Blue & White zone, I thought I’d use some blue & white fat quarters for my giveaway on the Quilters Blog Hop Party.  Of course, there went my goal to only use what I had but I’m going to try really, really hard to have these be the only fabrics I buy for the Jamestown Landing! 

So, it’s one set for the winner and one for me which will make us sort of “quilt siblings” or maybe cousins or perhaps just quilters who love fabric which is pretty much all of us!  In order to win, leave me a comment on what project you’ve been wanting to make just for youself and why.  I’ll pull a random winner on the last day of the blog hop.  In the meantime, it’s back to cutting triangles for my Jamestown Landing…I’ve already used almost all my neutrals and need to cut more!

Happy quilting!

158 responses to “Two for You and Two for Me! (a giveaway!)

  1. I’ve been wanting to make a ginormous rag quilt for my king sized bed in browns, blues, and creams. Whadaya know, these fat quarters would fit right in. 🙂

  2. I want to make a nice set of mug rugs for the house and they would look so pretty in those fabrics 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  3. I’d like to make myself a log cabin quilt. I have made them for others but not one for me!

  4. One of these days I plan on making myself a quilt to snuggle under . I’ve spent several months taking care of my Mom before she passed away earlier this year and now my Dad is having health issues and I will be returning to VA to help sell the home I grew up in. Needless to say its been so stressful , I know the comfort a quilt can bring to someone, so hopefully soon I will make one for myself. Have enjoyed looking around your blog and plan on following you ! Thank you for being a part of this blog hop !

  5. I don’t usually make anything for myself, but if I win, I might try my hand at making a sewing machine cover.

  6. hi there, I am doing the blog hop for the first time, so I hope you get this comment, I like haven’t a clue what to do! However you have lovely fabric.

  7. I have been wanting to make a lap quilt for myself for my hand sewing chair! Something in fall colors I am thinking! thank you and I enjoyed your blog.

  8. I’ve been wanting to start a scrappy log cabin, just for me.

  9. I have a special collection of batiks that I want to make a king size quilt for our bed from.

  10. Ooh, pretty fabrics! I would love to make a king size quilt for my bed from teeny tiny scraps in every color of the rainbow!

  11. The question is more what don’t I want to make, but one of these years I’d like to make a Broken Star quilt.

  12. I want to finsh a quilt my husband and I started for our queen sized bed. Thanks for chance to win.

  13. I really really really want to make a set of whimsical quilted curtains fo my kitchen!

  14. I’ve been wanting to make a Granny Square Quilt for me!

  15. Great fabrics. I just took my serger out of storage and it is screaming ” cover me”

  16. I have been wanting to make myself a thread catcher.

  17. I want to make a sewing machine cover…to keep the dust off my machine! =) Thanks for a chance to win.

  18. I want to make a quilt with the Kansas Troubles fabrics I have been hoarding!

  19. I want to make a wall hanging for an empty wall in my living room!

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  20. I’m in the mood for making some pillows for myself to keep. Nice to find your blog via the blog hop!

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  22. I have been wanting to make myself a new purse from my stash, but I’d rather make it out of your beautiful giveaway fabric. Thanks for the opportunity. Stop by my blog and see what has been keeping me from doing anything for me lately.

  23. Actually I have been crochet a blanket for my bed.

  24. I’ve been wanting to make a bag for myself. Thanks for the Giveaway! Have a Nice Day! 🙂

  25. With love from Russia! I am a follower! Thank you!

  26. Started working on another big fall quilt with lots of applique and triangles in wonderful fall colors.

  27. Beth….how did you get the little quilt block to come up with each comment? I really like that.

    • Gail, I hate to admit this but I have not one clue how that happened! This is my first blog and I’m still figuring things out on how to manage it. I do love the little blocks, though, and have to be careful not to spend too much time wondering how each one would look as a quilt!

  28. Would love to use these in a quilt I am making out of blues. Thanks

  29. For me I will make a pair of slacks that fit. In the quilting area I am doing needle-turn applique.

  30. I love those fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win them! :0)

  31. Thanks for the chance! I have been wanting to make some accessories for my sewing room, to make it more personal. Its actually a corner about 8 square feet lol

  32. Thank you for the giveaway! I am needing a new handbag, and I want to make myself a lap quilt to use when in my recliner.

  33. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I want to make a Dresdan Plate quilt just for ME… and it would be lovely in those colors!! Thanks for offering them.

  34. WOW! Love the blue (my fav color)…you can’t have too many! Thanks for the giveaway….

  35. I want to make a quilt for my bed. I am new to quilting only been doing it 9 months now. Only making small lap or baby blankets. I now want to stretch and make something bigger for my bed.

  36. i want to make me a purse thanks

  37. Thank you for the chance of winning this beautiful fabric. I haven’t decided what I want to do next.
    Marj in Mexico

  38. I want to make a queen-sized quilt for our bed. I’ve made baby quilts & throws but never something that big. Want to challenge myself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. I want to make a quilt for my King sized bed. The size intimidates me though so I’m working my way up to it by increasing project size. I finished a Full sized quilt this month..slow but sure, right?! Thanks for the chance to win those wonderful blue fabrics.

  40. I have two tables that I want to make table runners for. I’ve had these runners on my list for 6 months or more and have made probably a dozen quilts in the meantime, but no runners. They’re quick projects, but keep getting pushed down the list by something more “urgent”. I’ll get to them one day!

  41. I like the one for you and one for me idea!

  42. I’ve got a tablerunner and placemat set I’ve wanted to make for Halloween. I’m starting early enough it should be done.

  43. I want to make myself a dresden plate quilt!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  44. I have a whole list of quilty things that I NEED for my house. I just have to finish this one first quilt first.. and then move on to all those things that are back logged on my list of things to do.. LOL.

  45. I would make a quilt with these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Blog Hops are fun, just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed perusing yours. I am in a ‘nobuy’ zone, but I think GIVEAWAY is still in the zone.
    I need a new table runner, and I am bored of the place mats…which always seem to be reds, browns and beige….a change to blue perhaps :))

  47. Jenelle Boxberger

    I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging of a bird house for our bathroom. we need to do some painting before I start so I can chose the right fabric for the back ground. Love the blues and whites . thanks.

  48. Well, we may be related 🙂 as I love this Jamestown fabric too! I have a few things on my list for me that I don’t ever seem to get a’roun too…a new scrub top for work (I’m a nurse), a tablecloth and one of those cute snap bags 🙂 Thanks for a fun giveaway!

    • My daughter will be in nursing school in February…I’m looking forward to making scrub tops but does that mean I’ll really just have lots more UFO’s?

  49. I want to make a lap quilt. Maybe an orange peel or pinwheel pattern.

  50. I would like to make a New York Beauty quilt. I think they are so pretty, but complex.

  51. beautiful fabric.
    I am new to quilting and am making a crazy quilt with patches all about me. As I complete them, I’ll post a page on my blog about each block. Then I am going to print the blog into a book and give the quilt and book to my youngest (15 yr old) grandson. My legacy.

    Nice to meet you and nice block. I loved your into page. I like that you slip a 15 minutes of quilting in as time allows too.

  52. Wow, there are so many things that I am wanting to make for myself… a laptop case, a lap quilt, a sewing machine cover. Just three of what I’m thinking about. Anyway, your giveaway is great, and I’m glad I get the chance to maybe win! 🙂

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  54. I have been wanting to make a simple Irish Chain for myself. I love the pattern. Quilt siblings would be fun.

  55. I want to make a memory quilt for myself that includes photos of my Maternal Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, my Cousin and myself.

  56. I’ve been wanting to make a hexagon quilt of the Grandma’s Flower Garden.

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  57. Great idea, two for you and two 🙂

  58. i often start a project for myself and then end up giving it to someone….. oh well 😉

  59. A quilt for my own bed!

  60. I love this fabric….I want to make a tree quilt…I don’t know what to really call it…the leaves are for all the friends and family in my life over the last nearly 60 years. That is my big want to…but I have a lot of small ones…right now I made my first rag quilt and I love it. Thanks for being so generous.

  61. I am still waiting to make myself a blue and white mariners compass quilt for my bedroom. I painted the walls blue and the trim white years ago with the intention of having a blue and white quilt on the bed. I suppose they delay is that I am still in the process of collecting blue and white fabrics… yeah lets say that. 🙂

  62. I’ve been wanting to make another triple Irish chain quilt (because my mother took mine back to TN about 20 years ago, and I haven’t seen it since–guess it evaporated) so I thought I’d do it in violets and white and now I see Minick & Simpson’s post about their new line, and I’m thinking maybe another blue and white one after all.
    Thanks for helping me find your blog!

  63. Lovely fabric….thankyou.

  64. Beautiful fabric. I’ve been wanting to make a swoon block…these might just be what I’m looking for!

  65. I don’t have a Christmas quilt and REALLY want one to put out this year–just for me!

  66. I want to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my bed. I have always loved this pattern and I don’t have a hand-made quilt .So I am collecting the fabrics now to be able to make it one day.Thanks for a chance to win.

  67. I’ve been waiting to make a Halloween wall hanging just for me! (but first I need to finished some commissioned pieces including a giant squid!)

  68. Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I have quite a few hexies cut out but can’t seem to get them done.

  69. I want to make a quilt for my room. I am not sure what design I want to use, I just want to make a larger quilt than I usually do so I am thinking about what it would look like.

  70. I have been wanting to make a reproduction mini just for me.

  71. I would love to make a hexie quilt out of 30s fabric with my favorite fabrics! Thank you for the give away!

  72. I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging for over my bed but haven’t found the right pattern yet. But half the enjoyment is looking.

  73. I always give away or sell the things I make. I want o make a quilt for me..

  74. I would really love to get around to the quilt I pieced a few years ago that I made for my husband and I. It always seems to land on the back burner!

  75. I won a charm pack of Pure by Sweetwater for Moda. I love the colors and the funky patterns. I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to make ME a quilt for my bed. I’ve given away all the projects I’ve ever done, and I think it’s Me time now.

  76. Umm, I haven’t thought about making something for myself. That’s a huge question. It would be fun to have a quilted duvet cover with thin batting for our bed so I can wash and dry it quickly and easily. (Our dog likes to sleep near our feet, hence the need to wash often). Your are offering beautiful fabrics. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished Jamestown Landing!

  77. I’ve been wanting to make a scrap quilt for myself. I’ve just started, but I’m not sure that I have enough scraps yet.

    (P.S. I’m following you in Google Reader. Do you only have 15 minutes each day that you normally quilt? I’m intrigued…)

  78. I really want to make my self a purse. I cannot find quilted bags anymore, so I guess I will have to make one 🙂

  79. I’m been wanted to do some Granny Squares and I love your fabrics…wow.

  80. I need, and keep saying that I’m going to make myself a pretty tote bag. The one I’ve been using is getting worn and really needs to be replaced.

    Thank you for the giveaway and chance to win. 🙂

  81. I need a lap quilt for my chair.

  82. I would love to make a California King size quilt. I haven’t progressed to that size yet and would need to switch to patchwork or pieced and right now I just applique.

  83. I need to make a cover for my iPad…so I hope I’ll have it done soon. thanks for the chance!

  84. I’ve been meaning to make a sewing machine cover and also a Christmas blanket for the fam. They just keep getting pushed down the list.

  85. I have been wanting to make a travel bag for my laptop. I am always making things for others and tend to skip myself!

  86. I am currently working on a quilt that looks like argyle for my bed. I have been hoarding fabric for this project for ages and it is finally time to make it happen. 🙂

  87. What sweet fabrics! i’ve been really anxious to make myself a boxy zip bag, but just never seem to get to it.

  88. Great fabric! I would like to make a new pretty case for my Nook:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I want to make a rag quilt. I have never made one and that is on my list.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  90. I want to make a log cabin quilt for our bedroom someday!

  91. Just for me, I need to make a great bag for International Quilt market. Thanks.

  92. I have been waiting on making a quilt for our bed, I made quilts for my kids, my grand kids, my new great nieces and nephews, and many for my charity group, so it is my turn, I am working on a fall quilt just for me..

  93. Love the fabrics! Thanks for chance to win! 🙂

    I’d love to make a quilt for our bed! But would settle for a new tote/purse for me! LOL

  94. I’ve been wanting to make new curtains. winterwrens at gmail dot com

  95. I have a blue and white and cream quilt just waiting for these fabrics:)

  96. I have a t-shirt quilt that I would love to create eventually. I would also love to make a t-shirt rug.

  97. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt entirely out of hexagons for myself. Or, any quilt for that matter if it is for me. I tend to give mine all away. I love doing that, but sometimes I want to snuggle up in my own work of art!

  98. I am working on a blue & white sampler star quilt & these fabrics would be nice to add to it. Thanks for the chance.

  99. I want to make a queen size quilt for my bed. I just keep getting distracted by have-to and need-a-gift projects.

  100. My favorite colors are blue, my kitchen is blue and Yellow, and one of our bedrooms is blue. You have the perfect fabric for me. I would probably make a new table topper for our table with those. Thanks for the chance to win, hope I am lucky.

  101. I haven’t made anything for myself in years but I’ve been thinking of making a bag as mine is falling apart. All the pretty fabrics and great patterns have been urging me on! Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. These fabrics would fit into a queen quilt project that I’m working upon right now – Appomatox Courthouse with modifications. Blue is my favorite color too.

  103. some years ago I bought a Christmas panel, I love that fabric but I still didn’t touch it because I am afraid to make a abig mistake and ruin it!

  104. I would probably make myself a pretty pillowcase. My bedroom is cadet blue with chocolate brown aceents. I would really like to make a blue and white coverlet someday when I’m able to collect enough fabrics albeit the lowly scrap leftovers or FQ’s. Thank you to for the chance to possibly add to my little collection.

  105. What pretty fabric!! I really, really want to make myself a quilt. I’ve made several to give away but don’t have one of my own yet!
    Happy quilting!

  106. I need to make myself and sewing kit for my cross stitch because I carry it every where.

  107. Now that I think about it, I don’t sew alot just for myself. My projects that don’t look as great as I want them to for someone else, I keep for me. It would be nice to make a skirt or fun top.

  108. I’ve been wanting to do a Farmer’s Wife quilt. I grew up on a farm and loved it, but we left when I was 13. Maybe that’s why I loved it. I wasn’t old enough to have had the reality of the hard work sink in. To me it was all fun – ha. anyway, I started that quilt but had a new baby and wasn’t able to devote any time to it, so it got shelved. One of these days I’m going to have to pull it back out.

  109. Oh darn! 😦 I had an entire comment filled out and then clicked the follow button and it wiped my comment out I think. If this is a 2nd comment from me, please feel free to delete this one although I don’t see the other.

    Anyway, what I want to make for myself is a beautiful purple and blue lap quilt to use in the van while out travelling in the winter. My husband is always hot and I’m always cold because of my meds I take. I hate having the heat up high to keep me warm as I feel really guilty but, he does it because he feels bad for me. I, on the other hand want to make it nicer for him since he surely can’t take his clothes off to cool off while driving without us possibly having one of those nice cars with the red lights on top stopping us. LOL If I had that lap quilt then he could lower the heat and stay cool while I would be nice and toasty warm.

    I also LOVE Dresden quilts and want to make one of those for myself too, but I never get around to making things for myself. I love making things for others much more.

    I really do love the fabrics you are so nicely giving away and admit that I’ve never seen that line before. I need to search that one out and check the other fabrics from that line out now because those are gorgeous. Thank you.

  110. I would love to make a dresden plates quilt for myself. I am a beginner quilter…so this is a bit aways.


  111. Last summer, my husband and I went to Bali. I purchased various batiks and want to make a quilt for our king size bed.

  112. Wow that is really beautiful fabric . I love the blue colors. I would like to make a lap quilt for myself. I am currently make 3 but they are to give away.

  113. MaryBeth Hoffman Little

    Thanks for the chance to win your fabrics. I’m a huge fan of Bonnie Hunter’s and had the opportunity to take 2 classes from her in Hershey, PA last month – what fun. I’m making Smith Mountain Morning and thought I’d make it for my grandson, but I’m liking it so well, I think I’ll keep it for myself, lol!!

  114. I am finally quilting the whole cloth quilt I marked 2 years ago! Your fabrics would fit right in to the quilt I am making for the Veterans of Foreign Wars to raffle off to raise money to help support their efforts. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your beautiful choice of fabrics!!!

  115. I’ve been wanting to make some matching mug rugs…I always end up getting soggy crumbs everywhere, as I haven’t gotten around to making any. The ones I have in mind would be great with these fabrics.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. I really want to make myself a fabulous tote bag for work. Something that is pretty but practical too.

  117. I cannot believe you are doing this!! I Love Jamestown Landing and have been collecting my strings for the string blocks. I have not yet cut or sewed any of the triangles but it is my quilt just for me. It was a difficult choice between Talkin Turkey and Jamestown Landing but Jamestown Landing won!!!

  118. I am new to quilting and have always wanted to try a crazy quilt because I think they are beautiful

  119. I’ve been waiting for my son to get back to his regular school schedule so that I can continue to work on my Amanda Murphy design quilt, Mocha Cafe. I can’t wait until this one is all done and on my couch… just for me.

  120. I have been wanting to make a quilt for my bedroom in pink and black. Have been colleging fabrics for a while now. Just have to come up with just the right pattern.

  121. I would love to be your quilting kinfolk! I have always wanted to make myself a pineapple quilt, but also love the turkey tracks in Bonnie Hunter’s new book.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  122. I would like to make a king size quilt for our bed.

  123. after making quilts for several years and giving them away…i noticed i did not have any…so now they are all for me…

  124. I’m making a scrappy asterisk quilt for my bed, but it’s taking forever!!

  125. I would use in a blue and white quilt I plan to make

  126. I want to finish making these calendar quilts to hang in my sewing room

  127. I’m actually finally making that quilt that I’ve always wanted for ME! It’s a king size I-spy quilt for my bed. Saw the perfect pattern in a magazine and I had to make it! Thanks!

  128. Quilter in Motion

    I’m working on a double wedding ring quilt, queen size, for myself and DH-hand pieced and hand quilted (when I get it done). It takes a LOT of scraps and your blues are SO lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  129. If I win, please send to my daughter in Chicago as I live in Canada! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. I’m currently working n a neutral and muted tones scrap triangle quilt for a gift. I am loving it so much I’d love to make me a king size one. That would take care of some scraps!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I just finished a quilt for us and now I’ll probably work on some fall runners, great giveaway!

  132. I’ve never made a quilt for myself, so right now I’m working on 2! One is a log cabin the other is simple charm squares with sashing – both with fabric too lovely to part with.

  133. This is so unbelievable. I am now working on a blue and white queen-sized quilt for our bed. I have always wanted to make a quilt. It just makes that quilt more special knowing I made it and it comes from love. Your blue and white fat quarters would be used to make pillows. Great idea – 2 for you and 2 for me. Thank you for wonderful giveway and for joining in the Blog Hop. Sure hope you meet a lot of new friends and followers.

    Sandi T.
    Sonora, CA

  134. I have a large applique project waiting in the wings – pattern and fabric purchased – that for some reason I keep delaying the start. One day soon – perhaps. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your wonderful giveaway!

  135. How fun! Thanks for the chance!

  136. My next project for me is a French Braid quilt using black & white fabrics with punches of color. Just purchased the fabric for the border yesterday! Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop.

  137. I found this really cute wallet to tote pattern that I am dying to make but I am making myself finish up the placemats I am working on first!

  138. I’m working on my first quilt made out of flannel and owl print cotton squares. It won’t be a fancy quilt, but it will be my first simple one so I can get used to the mechanics so I know what to do for my next quilt I already have cut up and ready to go! I love owls and I plan on using it this fall to wrap up in.

  139. I’ve been wanting to sew a handbag for myself and these fabrics would be perfect!

  140. I really want to start finishing the quilt tops I already have, and a new quilt for my bed is one of those unfinished projects .

  141. I’ve been wanting to make myself a camera case…but just haven’t gotten around to it…yet!

  142. I would like to make a Sunbonnet Sue states and countries quilt of where we have lived or vacationed.

  143. I’ve been wanting to make a lakota star

  144. I’ve been wanting to start a quilt for my own bed. I’m always making things for everyone else. This fall I want to focus on my home.

  145. An apron. I have lots of store bought aprons but I’d like to make one, just for me, that fits properly…. I’d got a rather “round” body… if you know what I mean… LOL

    Tks for the contest!

    Rosa Robichaud

  146. I have a scrappy HST quilt that is in the quilting stage and has been in the quilting stage for YEARS! I want to finish that for my bed. And now I have to read more about your Jamestown Landing project, as my boys and I just went to Jamestown last weekend. Fun times!

  147. I so want to make myself a quilt in sea colors…they are so calming. I haven’t make any full size quilts for myself yet and I want to use a hexagon pattern from strips I saw on line…so pretty!

  148. I’ve been wanting to make a cozy for my sewing machine for a long time and I think these FQs would be wonderful for that! Thanks for participating in this blog hop and providing such a nice prize!

  149. I need a wall quilt for the living room. I’m trying to make things for each season, and a “winter” january quilt would be great!

  150. i would like to make a wonky log cabin quilt just for me – am so intrigued by how they look. thanks for the opportunity

  151. I have been trying to finish a wheel of mystery quilt for a long time- it just needs quilting but it always moves to the back of the line.
    I also have a tree pattern by Sandy Gervais that would be great to finish- somehow other things get in the way.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It has been lots of fun.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  152. I learned a new pattern at quilt guild this past month that I am chopping at the bit to try.
    Unfortunately I am stopping myself due to too many UFO’s already!

  153. thanks for the opportunity to win. Just for me? that would be new….I rarely make one for me….maybe a lap quilt for the christmas holiday

  154. Hi Beth! You won my giveaway…can you please contact me so I can email you the details? Thanks!

  155. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve been wanting to make myself a small paper pieced quilt using little houses.

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