“The Scent of Rain” by Kristin Billerbeck


Dapne Sweeten’s life has taken a severe turn for the worse.  Left at the altar in a designer dress, she experiences the worst thing a professional nose can have…a sudden and complete lack of smell.  Dapne is set to start a new job in two weeks using her well-trained  nose to create scents that will turn a small manufacturing company around.

Jesse Lightner doesn’t need a professional nose.  He doesn’t have room in his budget or his department for his boss’ lastest  flight of fancy and he certainly doesn’t appreciate it when “the nose” appears two weeks early and still reeling from being dumped.  Jesse’s got his own troubles as a single dad trying to bring his department into the black while managing life with a preschooler.  Imagine how he’ll feel when he finds out his professional nose can’t smell! 

Kristin Billerbeck fills “The Scent of Rain” with likeable characters and a few nice plot twists but somehow I was left with a feeling of “gappiness” in the plot line especially at the ending which felt a little rushed.  I was willing to forgive most of that, however, in what was a nice, entertaining romance with interesting characters.  This book would actually translate very nicely (in my humble opinion) to a film.  There’s enough room in the plot for a little slapstick and an adorable actor to play the preschooler would probably steal plenty of scenes. 

Even though this book didn’t make my “must read” list, I’m interested enough to look up what else Kristin Billerbeck has written. 

This book was provided to me for this review through the Booksneeze program.

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