Tea Tales

I have to say I love a good cup of tea. My current favorite is Twinnings English Breakfast decaffeinated. Unfortunately, I have a habit of getting a little, well, distracted. A good litmus test of how scattered my schedule or my mind is on a given day is my tea. If I drink it hot, it’s a pretty calm morning. Most mornings, though, I find my tea cooled on the counter and I end up reheating it. (Yes, I realize this is probably a terrible gaffe in tea drinking circles.) Occasionally, I open the microwave door and realize that I forgot to drink the reheated tea. On a really crazy day, I reheat my reheated tea an hour or two after putting it in the microwave. Last week, however, I hit a new level in tea procrastination. I made and reheated my tea, then found it in the microwave hours later. It was late afternoon by then so I thought, “Why not have iced tea?” I added ice to a glass, stirred in a little sugar and by the time I got back to it, the ice had melted! The prospect of trying to salvage very watery tea was too much for me so I tossed the whole glass.

Not one to be daunted by failure, the next morning I got downstairs and put the kettle on in anticipation of a lovely cup of tea. Hope springs eternal, you know!

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