Snap to it… and a little Dear Jane

I went on a snap bag kick this week and made twelve of these for friends of my daughter.  We used them as party favors filled with the clue list for the ” Mall Treasure Hunt” that the girls went on. I forgot to get a picture of all twelve bags but I was able to photo these two.


Then I had a little time this afternoon and wanted to do some piecing so I made this little DJ block


Thank goodness for paper piecing!  Gizmo was sleeping on the quilt I was going to do next and, seriously, could you disturb this?


I couldn’t either so I thumbed through my DJ book until I found this quick and easy block.  ( I don’t like to admit this out loud but I’m trying to get my feet wet with easiest blocks first… these are small blocks!)


This puts my DJ total at twenty blocks out of two hundred twenty- five.   Don’t expect a finish very soon!  I’d love to do a couple blocks a week but even at that it will be a long process!

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