Getting Over ” Perfect”


My younger daughter’s Girl Scout troop is headed to camp in two weeks and needed a banner. Being the resident quilter in our troop, I figured I could help. I wanted the girls to have a big hand in it but time is short so I grabbed a piece of denim and a piece of white scrap fabric. It happened to be a lovely cotton damask, rather soft, but once I added some interfacing it was nice and stiff. Instead of drawing all my letters on paper then tracing, etc., I just free handed the letters with pencil. My daughter helped cut out the letters then arranged them for me. I used free motion quilting to stipple the letters in place. I even withstood the temptation to hem the banner with anything more than the serged edge. After all, this is going to get stamped, painted and embellished and then hang out in the camp for a week. It’s done, it’s fun and my striving for perfect is better saved for my next quilt. See, I can be taught!

One response to “Getting Over ” Perfect”

  1. It’s got a cute look! I like the natural edges and the fact that your daughter helped you make it!

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