Dear Jane, finally!


Well, I hardly want to admit how long ago I started my Dear Jane quilt (2007) but I thought it was time I started in again. My plan is to work from my scrap bag so that my quilt represents my era as a quilter just like the original represented the fabrics of the Civil War. I’m working through them in the simplest way possible… easiest blocks first. So, here’s k-2 made from the same fabric that I made the borders of ” Yellow Fish Rule”. The fabric was originally used in valances in my mom’s old house and she sent me back the fabric when she moved. That’s a lot of history to pack into a five- inch block!

2 responses to “Dear Jane, finally!

  1. Good on you for taking up your Dear Jane project again! Great idea to just use your scrap bag… so much more fun that way!

    • Thanks! I love the idea of planned ones, either color theme or reproductions but I love that the original quilt is like a fabric time capsule from Jane’s time and I like to hope that mine will reflect that, too.

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