Bits and Pieces

Summer is my busiest time with kids out of school so the first couple of weeks didn’t yield a lot of quilting time. I did manage to get a few World Without End blocks done.  I’m beginning to think I should call it Quilt Without End ad I’m bound to end up with extra pieces!


I’ve been piecing them on the sewing machine in the kitchen, a seam here and there does add up!

My younger daughter is hard at work on her silver award project so I’ve been helping a little on the machine quilting.  Zoe is helping with holding things down.


In the meantime, Gizmo is laying on my other project in progress, a second bulletin board.  Obviously, I’m not getting far fast with his help!


I’ve got three book reviews to post in the next day or so… two good and one, well, not so good.  So, fire now, I’m off to the store for ribbons.  I’ll be ready to pounce when Gizmo decides to let me work on the board again!  In the meantime, I suppose I can always piece a few more  Quilt Without End blocks!

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