New Shades ( The Window Kind)

I’m sure you never do this, but sometimes I procrastinate… especially if I’m worried about messing up good fabric.  My kitchen windows are a terrific example.  A few years ago, I replaced the cafe curtains with some simple tie- backs made from a dark green I had in my stash.


I liked the look but the windows at the back of the house get a lot of sun and it didn’t take too many years for their dark green to fade to this


Not very pretty!  I found a lovely piece of upholstery fabric on sale and decided that this room could really benefit from insulated Roman shades.  We would have protection from the heat in summer and could drop them if we had harsh winter weather ( stop laughing, Oregon does get cold at times!)  I bought the insulating material, measured my windows and… procrastinated.  Because windows are very precise things and inside mount shades must be very accurate and the fabric, especially the insulating stuff was not cheap and… well, I think you get the picture. I did finally climb over all my internal hurdles and, with help from my husband on the installation, got the shades finished and installed this weekend.  ( Note, I did not start and finish then this weekend.)  The finished product makes me smile every time I walk in the kitchen.  And after every smile I wonder why I took so long to get started on them! 



( The shades in place and a close up of the fabric.)

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